Apr 23, 2008

Miss Independence

Reading about others' trips and vacations and art festivities, workshops, etc. make me feel very, very lucky indeed that I have met such people -- even if only online -- and can read about these things and plan for them now. Some years ago, in another lifetime, breaking away piece by piece and bit by bit, I did a series of multimedia pieces, mostly paper on paper, drawn, enlarged and xeroxed, blasted with coloured pencils and/or paints and/or crayons and markers.

This one is a self portrait of how I felt then. Miss Independence indeed. haha...

Thanks to friends and lovers, new networks of support, belief and kindnesses, as well as internal resurrections, and tectonic plates shifting, I really do feel like Miss Independence now. Creativity, even with one's self, is as big a process as any other. Maybe bigger. Maybe the only real process. Working on the self, inner as well as outer, can be a work of art eventually. For some, it's even a science! :D

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