Apr 24, 2008

The Elusive Dagmar

Captured not once but TWICE. This gorgeous matriarch usually stands back quite a ways from the others, is the first one through the yards, nimbly hiding in plain sight, or she is the last one to flash by just when you swear you've seen the entire Clan of the Cave Deer. She is not like the others. She believes the camera steals the soul...

Today a rough rough work day. I long for the weekend altho I am working a half shift on Saturday. Paper, stamp, color and brushes, canvas, etcetera are all waiting. And a chair I am working on promises to be cooperative with the project I have planned to finish before Labor Day. September seems YEARS away. Alas, I know better. It'll seem like next week when it gets here. WOW... where did the summer go, is what I will be saying.

Also am working up the Tea Party series. And a special piece for Miss Jeanne. That will go with Me to London when we celebrate Thanksgiving British style -- meaning not. Hip hip...

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