Apr 25, 2008

Some Artwork From The Good Ol Days

Started off with a black pen on white paper for the woman and cat. Chair and doll and pot of flowers done same way. Xeroxed big big big, then colored and markered, cut out, pasted on top of more paper works, after relining with a black marker for a bit more depth. Background is thin paper, a lovely colour, with dried "flowers" in it. It's around 12 x 14. Maybe 10 x 12....

This piece is called "If He's Mean to Your Cat, He'll Be Mean to You". (whatever lessons I learned at my mother's knee, this is the one that seems to have stuck and served me in good stead!) A bit uncomfortable for some at an art show where I took it to show, then one woman told me afterwards that this was a good measure of a man -- or anyone, really.

Hoorah, it is the weekend. More later!

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