Apr 20, 2008


So I have a lovely camera -- a Kodak EasyShare only it is the shiny mauve-y pink which T got a big kick over -- and have been busy doing some visiting today and making some lovely photos of some earlier art posted here (ADAM AND EVE or The Snake Dance) as well. It's really funny, the Girls came up and just HAD to be involved in everything last night.
This piece was one of my earlier ones. It's all paper. I had drawn the figures, the cat, the woman and snake, the apples, etc. colored them or used colored paper, then put them on a background of green poster paper. It's a bit of a self portrait. Someone at an art show once told me that I did more self art than Frida Kahlo. I promise I do not have a uni-brow.

And today, Joe -- at Starbucks -- and I had a great conversation about art, i.e., performance. He saw a really powerful spoken word performance this week at a basically all female event. Our friend Kathleen was one of the performers but I was working. Yuck. Said it was great. That means a lot from him. He is not easily distracted or impressed although I know he would say otherwise re: distraction. LOL...

"Busy" season or Earnings at work has begun. We've merged with another huge, huge company and time is a real commodity now. T and I talked about ArtFest next year. Yes for me, maybe for her. Wow, I would so love to make it to Australia in May but an already planned trip to England to see Miss Jeanne is taking precedence the later part of this year. Plus I have a wedding in May and one in October that are out of state. So... maybe another time.
Does anyone have a Panasonic DMC-TZ1 or 2? 3?


Judy Wise said...

I love your drawing of Eve; she has just the right amount of reverence (none) - ha ha.

Ms Dragonfly said...

oh my goodness! she's happy!

Candace said...

Yeah, that's about the amount of reverence I have, Judy. :D