Apr 16, 2008

What's In A Name?

I will tell you what. Everyone thinks Eye Candy is My blog and it isn't. EyeCandy -- one word -- is My blog. LOL... I have another one, too. And it will more than likely be My "real" as opposed to my "fake" art blog. (Not really. There is just so much to do and think and share and show.)

Speaking of which, I have found a new digital camera I am very VERY happy with. I will be grabbing it up for real tomorrow at the ridiculously close Best Buy.

Here is a photo of it up there in that corner, kids. Yes, I will more than likely go with the red! It has a great screen on the back, plenty big and plenty easy to use.
Anyway. Take note of My Name and My Blog's Name. Dear Me... Maybe I should change it? (not)

1 comment:

Candace said...

Another Super Mario that has a worm or virus in it. Any way to block these people? Or report them to Hackers Inc.? LOL... just checking.