May 31, 2008

Last May Day

Hello everyone. Wow, is this year whizzing by or is it me?

It's been a wild week at home and at work. When zeroing in on art journaling, I realized I have always journaled, I've always drawn or whathaveyou in any communique with anyone, even letters. Doh! However, this new dimension I am experimenting with is fascinating to Yours Very Truly what with the multimedia. A couple of friends have told me "You'll love it." I know I will. I also can't wait to compare the work here on the blog to get some feedback.

T prefers the plain minimalism of the line drawings I do. Others enjoy the multimedia and/or paintings. We'll see.

Here is a nice couple, called "The Pinks", from the paper days. It was to be sold but I pulled it from the show at the last minute.

Let's not forget "Big Red". She's due for an update and you'll be the first to see her in a couple of weeks. She's acrylic on canvas... the frame is just a plain old, plain old for now. THAT is what will be updated. I was very proud of the "wooden floor" when I did this. I had studied an artist's similar work a couple years ago and tried and tested and finally managed to make it look more floor than oh, let's say, a rough comb-out of treebark. LOL.

And here, sitting in judgement over my every move, artwise or otherwise, is He On High. He was still fuming mad over spending the holiday weekend, boarded at the vet's.

But he got over it... have a good Junebug.


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cynhammond said...

I especially like the last shot. That cat has 'some evil eyes'