May 21, 2008

Checking In

Happy Day.

Trying something with the journaling I recently began -- my mom always called it "scribbling" not journaling. Funny how language changes. Now people "have a dialogue" instead of talks or discussions. I admit it, though. I found Teesha Moore's website (WOW) and am about to springboard into a new experience, just as an experiment, see where this new road takes me.

Slowly, surely, like squeezing blood from a turnip, I am trying new things alongside old things I have found to be tried and true for me. Like 140 lb. white paper -- large -- cut in half so I can sew them together and into an old shell of a book I found. Oh yes, I still have all those composition books too. Don't forget, line drawings, coloured papers, crayons. Or is it crayoning?

Oh and my lovely lovely mineral powders Kitten introduced me to. That was da bomb, as they used to say. I have both series now. Yummy.

I suppose I prefer lines as I still think of them for writing, of course. I could always draw anywhere. I was thrilled a few years ago when I discovered notebooks with lines on one side of the paper and cool blank serenity on the other just waiting for my handiwork... Yes, I even illustrated my docs and theses in college. Boy, did those docs and profs eat it up... LOL! Anyway, I will be showing the results next week, probably Memorial Day.

Will be taking off very early Friday for Edisto Island SC to go to the nephew's wedding Saturday. My dress -- can you believe that? I bought a dress for the first time in quite a long time so you know I mean business -- is so Audrey Hepburn, it's quite scary. I should get gloves to finish the ensemble. (snicker...)

A couple of people have asked to see the whole kit and kaboodle Animalympics Team I have here with me in Athens. So enjoy. And they're from top to bottom, the newest to the oldest.

Molly Brown, the ex-racing champ (who is doing a LOT better); Bess, our Go-To Personal Assistant; Kitty Boy, the creamsicle love of my life and Tsar, thrown from a BMW into my yard. Go figure that one out, if you can. I can't.



Linda said...

Loved the pics of your family. I had never seen them before. We miss our girl so much but know that we need to wait until Monty retires and we are home to get another pet. We are not leaving until about noon so will see you tomorrow afternoon!

cynhammond said...

Wow! I would love to see and read the theses. Is it online? Most things are that way now.
Such sweet pets. I have my granddogs back with me tonight.

Ro Bruhn said...

Look forward to seeing your journal pages. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog

Judy Wise said...

You are an angel and I love the faces you draw. Let's see some journal pages now; you'll have great fun creating them. xo

femminismo said...

Love your family, especially the go-to collie. : )
140 lb. paper! I can't wait to see how you sew it up into bindings because I have really heavy watercolor paper from a yard sale and I'll never use it for watercolor. After the wedding, Audrey, we want to see your work. Thanks for your sweet comments to me. - Jeanne

femminismo said...

Meant to say "Audrey" in quotes. - jeanne