May 6, 2008

Late Tuesday PM

This is what I live for -- the nature of art and art in nature. Vice versa and round and round. Here is also a series of pix I took the first really great sunny day last week starting out with Yours Truly -- sort of.

Some of these florals were gifts from birds, no doubt. Other wildlife scattered other bits and pieces of neighbors' or strangers' gardens all over my back yard, front yard, side yards and other secret places. The birds flock to the feeder constantly, even the woodpeckers. The geese and crows are around as well, and there is a hawk that I see and or hear. Alas, no foxes this year but we have plenty of deer.

Oddly enough, however, no fawns this year. Two years now we have had the Fawn Dawn of Spring Parade where the mothers and aunts come through the entire back 40, slowly and elegantly, with their babies. Spine-tingling yet so serene. Life goes on.

But not this time. Plenty of does. But no bucks. And no fawns. The neighborhood is changing...



Ro Bruhn said...

I love the way the flowers just appear amongst the rocks. Great photos, and thanks for your comments too.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Candace!!
i love your photos and your prose!!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments!
You make me blush with your praise!!
Art on!! It is so nice to "meet" you!!