May 8, 2008

A Real Redhead

Will the REAL Woody Woodpecker please stand up? Sorry you can't see him any better than this. We get all kinds here. Taken from six feet away thru a screen with the Kodak Easy Share. At least he didn't fly off as soon as I appeared in the window frame. And if you look not at the top of his head but just behind that wicked pointy bill and just in front of his eyes, yes indeedy, you can spot the telltale red. I would love to be able to get a photo of the nuthatches.

Speaking of flying, T and I are flying out of here in November. Like I said, we're doing T'Day in Britsville with Miss Jeanne. It's never too early to plan on a good vacation, if you ask me. I have two days off -- one, in two weeks for a wedding, and another in -- oops! brainfart! -- before the REAL deal of a week in London UK. Yep, I get the tix tomorrow.
Amazingly enough, despite the new mergers, escalating fuel prices and whathaveyou, they will only cost me an arm as opposed to an arm and a leg.
Kitten tells me she experimented on some dark burgundy roses and that -- oh well -- after 20 minutes, the burgundies turned a deep teal green. I think we should all talk about our not so great works of art as well as our greats, sometimes. I asked her if she had taken a photo. If so, maybe I can talk her into sharing it.
Big Hug to all My Peeps,

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cynhammond said...

I am still looking for the real redhead stand up.....