Jun 18, 2008

A Peek A Boo Post

A quickie for those of you who have noodged me -- read: encouraged -- offline re: my journals and hopefully feats of bookmaking prowess...

These are the papers I will be using for My First Altered Book. The paper on the left is for the inside front and back covers while I intend to use the right paper (it looks and feels like a nice pebbled leather!) will be the covers themselves. They both are fabulous to the touch and this photo does not do a thing for their sheer beauty...!

Okay, well, the PLAN at this point is to start on My First Altered Book and the PLAN is to use these papers. But Art does what he does and I might end up in a totally different place with him.

Jeanne of One Day At A Time had this great project going on where she made an altered book every month for a year. Wow. While that is a role model and a half for anyone, especially me, I am going to attempt one each season for now. Hopefully by Winter Holidays I will have learned enough to do a couple of gift books for the season. Hohoho... that means three between now and then.

We'll see, right, Art?



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femminismo said...

Thanks for linking me like this in your post. I appreciate hearing from you, too! I love the faces you've made. The other artwork is lovely too. I've never tried much of the "metallic" clay, but the things you're working on look like a lot of fun - and beautiful. - jeanne