Jun 24, 2008

Solstice and More

Wow. This year's Solstice was some punkin as far as Summertime goes. I spent part of my day Friday with my dear friend Claud, sitting under her newly reconstructed arbor and gossiping while sipping a protein drink. This was a refreshing time of nothingness melting into serenity and renewal of spirit and flesh. She is always able to make me laugh and see things in a different way... while teaching me new things, too. Always good. And of course, she got a kick out of my pink "Dawgs" ballcap.

T and I went to five & Ten, a wonderful restaurant with local and quite delicious chow. We were going to go to farm 255 but it was impossible as it was also the weekend for AthFest.

Kitten and I spent a full 12 hours together Saturday and had a ball making all sorts of stuff. Here are some photos of some of our shenanigans. Yes, I finally managed to make my own teeny tiny book, complete with sewn signatures and a backing. Wonderful! Fun but painstakingly detailed and at times tedious.

HOOHOO! Who cares? It was great and here's the li'l darling now!

We also started up on altered books (Okay, okay. I'm reading mine first as it's one I meant to check out before and Kitten just happened to show up with it, lol!) and more goddess faces. Or any type faces.

This is Kitten's Goddess piece from last week.

Check out the Muse I made. I thought I did a fairly decent job of getting that patina down just so...

And of course, a Man in the Moon. Kitten had managed to pop these babies out after rolling them in just a bit of color, which only adds to their intensity and style, imho.

Kitten says this figure puts her in mind of a version of Munch's "Scream". So I tried to stay true to the time period and gave this one the faintest touch of the type makeup found in photos and illos from that era. I might make a brooch out of her, rather than a necklace like the others. Don't worry, you'll see them all again eventually.

And, heeeeerrrrre's Betty! She allowed me to get within 20 feet of her in order to snap her photo. Just as I was about to push it to 15 feet, she stared me down and stamped one of her back hooves delicately but very deliberately. Then, again. Then she shook her head and snorted. Okay, okay, I get it and so away I went...

Have a good rest of week and a safe and happy summer.


Judy Wise said...

Can I come play with you guys? That paper clay looks FUN. xo

Candace said...

Anytime, dear Judy. LOL. The deer and the antelope play, too.

cynhammond said...

Nice work. I like the deer shot. Just hanging tonight waiting on Jon. to get home from Boston.

Healing Expressions said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet words! I swear there is nothing short of magical when a deer visits! I love your "art in process" sequences! Hope your day surprises you with something beautfiul!