Aug 26, 2008

Hanging On For The Weekend

Hello Everyone!

This poor fellow found his way into the rafters of my basement office and could not/would not come down until completely exhausted and dying. We finally found him panting on the floor in a corner, the end obviously nearing. He goes to Kitten who will know what to do with him. I found a cicada for her too, drowned in the extraordinarily torrential rains we've had here during the last 24 hours. She makes gorgeous jewelry out of these creatures, which can be seen here.

Look at this sweet little pin T made of Sculpey. I wish there were more like this to show but alas, this is it! I think I am going to put a nice back on it, and wear it on a textured scarf this fall. "Home Sweet Home", indeed. Don't know if you can tell but it's 3-D as T built upon each layer and color with a new one, instead of making it of one piece and painting it.

T is very talented, also, as is Kitten and another couple of pals I wish would step up to the plate and just knock it out of the park. Sometimes, however, I think the art which people do for themselves is more than enough. It's not about anything or anyone else, not about fame and glory (as if), or getting ahead in some crazy drama or some rat race.

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femminismo said...

Yes, Poor Mr. Moth. I have a moth matte gelled in my most recent journal. He was definitely a goner when I found him. Your moth is beautiful though.