Aug 22, 2008

Three Ring Circus 4AM

Hello Everyone,

Where is Androcles when you need him? As if work itself does not make me brain dead by Friday.... Molly had one of her infamous tears and kept me up till -- mmmm. FOUR AM. The Boys became very active, practicing for the Animalympics so enjoy, dear reader. How do people with little babies manage? Oh wait. They don't.

This is what I felt like the house turned into in the middle of the night. Somehow I managed to work today but thank God nothing really overtly demanding popped up other than the usual. I had to take a long ass lunch and that meant, not lunch, but an N.A.P.

Will check in Sunday. All sorts of fun this weekend.

Meanwhile, get more of what you love.


Denise said...

Good Grief Girl, slow down so that I can play catch up! I've been in reverse this past week. You're going a million miles a milisecond LOL!
Love your blog BTW, you make me smile :)

Candace said...

haha... and that is just on a slooowww day. and hey, look who's talking. You always have stuff going on your own self. Hope that the get away from it all vacation was a good one.

Big hug,

Velvet Ginger said...

So are those your animals that act crazy in the middle of the night? My baby boy kitty does, so my grouchy female kitty and I shut him out of my bedroom so we can sleep!
My lunch hour consists of Charlie rose on PBS! I know I know I am such a nerd.