Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day

As always, Kitty Boy has picked the perfect resting spot. Which just happens to be T's head... what the -- ? He's asleep and so is she. Go figure.

-- and the GOP just announced VP pick Sarah Palin's 17 year old
unmarried daughter is preggers. How ironic...!
We also have word that ANY DAY now, Michelle and Chris's little Devon should make his way into Our World and Welcome To It.

So, that's the windup and here's the pitch.

Check out this little gem of a book, courtesy of my friend Kitten. She has thrown down the gauntlet, and I will be revamping this baby in the (near, very near) future. Looks like a job for SuperCandy and it will be a bit different the next time you see it!

I didn't get a photo of hers and it is just grand with all sorts of beading and copper wiring. Maybe next time.

I'm also working on some more of my watercolour tea party series. They look better up close and personal than they do here. The ladies' hats are actually cups and saucers.

Kitten and I are planning an actual tea party and as T has THREE new hats (including a gorgeous top hat) and I have two, Kitten said maybe it should be The Mad Hatters Tea party. Mmm... maybe she's trying to tell me something. LOL.

Saturday, she showed me how to make real kefir, not that glorified yoghurt in plastic jugs in the stores, and she showed me how to make cheese as well, and to top all this off, we had some great homemade lemon cookies too, with lemon filling. Y.U.M. Then we watched a bit of Mad Men.

Well, overall, as you can probably tell, the weekend was just incredible. I will be going into more detail later in the week about what was up Saturday at Athens Farmers Market. But, long story short, on Saturday, T needed a break so before Kitten came over, we went to the Farmers Market and just had a blast. The last Sat of each month, the regulars show but so do the arts and crafts folks. I will show off lots of photos of these folks' art shenanigans as well links to their sites.

Just lovely, impressive work anyone would be happy with and proud of.

Until next time, Get More of What You Love!


femminismo said...

Love the tea party ladies. They are wonderful, wonderful! Gotta go or I'd talk longer. Cheers!

michelle said...

Your Tea Ladies are pretty!

Yes, I keep forgetting my reusable bags so I've been loading up my arms and juggling items just to try to keep from using disposable bags! Maybe the mayhem will eventually make me change my ways! LOL!

Candace said...

Thanks, Michelle and thanks to femminismo, too. I really hope to meet you girls one day. Your blogs and visits are always appreciated.