Sep 2, 2008

Fun Stuff

Hello Everyone!

I now have a new teeny tiny laptop. To show you just how teeny tiny, here is a photo of the laptop with T's hand for reference. Hoohoo!

This means I am truly mobile and I could not be happier... altho I am indeed typing this on what feels like a HUGE desktop now. But really it isn't.

Okay, show and tell is over. In a couple of weeks, Appaloosa opens with Viggo Mortensen (if I were Mrs. G, I would say "My Secret Boyfriend No. 1"), and Ed Harris. Cowboys... the true American Mythos. Along with baseball and jazz.

Get more of what you love.


Madge said...

Hey Candace,

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I knew people would get sucked in by that title......

Love your new laptop..

Denise said...

Hello My Funny Friend! I have left you a little pressie on my blog!