Sep 30, 2008

NOT the Littlest Mermaid

Hello Everyone! And it's October FIRST. Geez!

This is a work in progress and needless to say, this is NOT the Littlest Mermaid. Folks seem to have forgotten that once upon a time, mermaids were considered not so lovely and to be avoided. Like sirens only without the Greek Chorus... I have already added more depth to the image and have bubbles coming from her mouth... working on different types of sea monsters, triggered by the art challenge of ArtFest '09. This won't be my submission. This is more for fun and practice.

Before we have the rest of the tour today, I have a friend everyone calls Miss Jayn who, without fail at some point in late September when the weather and feel was right, would come for a visit. Upon stepping onto the porch, she would stop, breathe deep and say: "Smell that? HALLOWEEN!"

She was always right. The air would be crisper, the leaves overnight having turned colourfully red and golden, the faerie beds in the yard more noticeable. Geese were on the wing and groups of deer were restless in the back as chipmunks and squirrels laid in goodies for the oncoming winter. We would go from cold fruit soups and salads to stews and bowls of chili, with cheese biscuits and hot drinks of cider or cocoa.
That's what's happening here now. Almost within 24 hours, we've gone from sleeveless to sleeves. And last week, I did put on a turtleneck one morning as it was 58F and drizzling.

This is what Jayn does now. I mean, basically, she runs the show at this Grand Guignol. A dream come true for that little goblin.

And here is a little witch "in progress" which I am hoping to put on a card for three other little goblins I know, my older -- and only -- sister's grandchildren. I might just have to have a "limited edition" and send this one out to more than just one addy during this magical season and time. Sorry that it's a bit dark.

Fun stuff abounds hereabouts during this month. The troupe at Canopy, and their upcoming shows all look like must-sees, and hopefully T and I will make the one below.

It promises to be a presentation of athletic grace and strength and has a quality of eerie beauty. T takes yoga from these folks at this studio and it's an incredibly huge warehouse, lovely people. Ropes, soft hammocky rests, bars and things. And of course, the inevitable world beat music.

Hoohoo.... now, back to scary monsters, kids. What's playing at the Athens Library Thursday, October 30th? On a big in-your-face screen, not that safe little television in the bedroom where you can cuddle up to someone or eat your little bowl of popcorn is none other than the 1919 classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

You know I'm going! I consider it my sacrosanct duty to scare or be scared.

So -- Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Later, Candace


femminismo said...

Oh, I love all these pictures and the words too. My little eyeballs are about to fall out of my head but I had to come and look. I wish I could go to the movie with you. And I adore the witch. Let's send each other cards. I will make one this year! I will, I will! - jeanne

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne thank you. It's a deal about the cards. But I need that street addy. You have my email. No problemo, senora!
- C