Oct 2, 2008

Keep Going

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

Hello everyone!
While I cannot say I am going through anything as dire as hell, times are tough everywhere. Just read the paper, listen to the folks at the gas station or grocery stores, the ministers in the pulpit if that's your thing, and/or our "leaders" as well as our leaders. Listen to your friends and neighbors, your kids and siblings.

Then, just remember to listen to yourself and keep going. Eat a salad. Ride a bike. Read a good book. Watch a movie you love. Give someone flowers. Do the dishes. Pet your animal or your babies/grandbabies. Invite someone over for cards ("52 soldiers in the Devil's Army" according to my grandmother -- who knew how to keep going.)

Above we have yet another Creature of the Deep. (This is a photo, not artwork. Wow, do I ever wish I was this good!) ArtFesters will know why I am "suddenly" enamoured of these denizens of the deep. And folks who know Me, water sign that I am, will as well. I had a fun and challenging idea, thanks to Victorian Lady, and will be working diligently on it from now till -- mmmm. Till I finish! Howzat? LOL.

It involves sculpture... sort of... which I really enjoy when I do it. You folks will be the first to see it, I promise.

Say, speaking of which, I was the first to see this Housewarming Gift I snatched up for My Sis's new house. It was at the Athens Farmers Market. (Why shop at Macy's?! I can get something for everyone on Arts and Crafts Saturdays at the AFM! It's local, it's almost all handmade and it's one-of-a-kind -- like the folks I know!)

Here's hoping you all have a good weekend. I have company in here this weekend but will be sure and post more shenanigans by Monday!

And remember: Keep going!



Trish said...

great post! hope you are having a great weekend also:)

voodoo vixen said...

I just adore that penguin gourd!!

Trish said...

hey! no, I haven't made a brown paper bag journal, but I saw a tutorial on it somewhere online, it looked great! I will have to try one:)

Natasha Burns said...

Great post Candace, I like your positive thinking : )

femminismo said...

I saw your sister's penguin and it's very clever. Farmers Market shopping is great fun, isn't it? I'm encouraged by reading your post and will take up some of your suggestions in order to keep going. I just started reading "White Teeth" and am entranced. If this world is getting you down, there's always another one waiting in a good book somewhere. - Jeanne

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone, for your visits and kind words. Work is about to really rev up for me but don't worry, I will check in on you all as often as possible.

Take good care, all of you. And Get More Of What You Love.

Velvet Ginger said...

I really like that gourde too!!! IT's adorable!
I still think we in the good Ol' US of A are much better off than most countries, living beyond our means is what got most of us the troubles we are in today including our banking systems and government.
Remember, when things are tough, we need to keep our chins up and appriciate what we do have because it can always be worse. I feel that I have alot to be thankful for no matter what!

Denise said...

Your hell is my walk in the park and my hell is your walk in the park?!?!?!? As long as we support each other no matter what, that's what matters. A book next to my bed is the best sleeping tablet ever invented! Have a great week!

Trish said...

thanks:) It is funny how that happens! I am so glad I didn't rip it out like I had wanted to at first:) have a great day!

Victorian Lady said...

That's cool Candace! I can't wait to see it!! :)


Victorian Lady said...

That's cool Candace! I can't wait to see it!! :)