Sep 22, 2008

The Party's Over...

... or is it?

Hello everyone!

Here we have my personal Calvin and Hobbes -- Kitty Boy and Leon -- admiring each other's style...

The party never stops here in Athens and not just because it's a university town. But we did have a small "party" Saturday evening at "Wiggins Hollow", as Joe calls it. Long-time friend and raconteur Leon very kindly purchased a wonderful single malt whisky and a very nice bottle of La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot which was quaffed while watching "American Gangster", later talking well into the night about myriad events, snippets of gossip, art, politics, music, travels (Amsterdam, Here We Come -- one day, and depending on how things shake out, sooner maybe than we'd planned. Just kidding -- but have you registered to vote? Do it to it, babe!).

It was over too soon, trust me. Thursday till Sunday... flew by!

As always, the Athens Farmers Market was wonderful early Saturday, with the laid back atmosphere and the cool air, the obvious turning of the wheel of the year towards Fall. EVERYONE lined up for the coffee which I've mentioned in an earlier post. And as I mentioned in an earlier post... a few of Les Artistes!

Stephanie and her amazing Pysanky work/jewelry. I bought a gorgeous pair of hamsa earrings, (or as I used to say, Hamas, sorry! Talk about a tongue tangle. -- then Kitten said, "uh. No, Miss Lady."). My earrings are tiny, and are turquoise on black. Small, small, small... pretty, pretty, pretty!

This is "how she does it", to repeat that little note... and if you look closely, voila! Indeed, you see "one" shell being taken through the entire process of Pysanky. I adore this woman and her artwork.

And of course, she keeps the Pysanky Eggs tradition alive and well here in Athens ... she had an ostrich egg that was fantastic!

I could have just stood in front of her booth alllllll day. She had that much, seriously, that I would not have been finished with goggling.

Saxophone Jones below (Stephanie's husband, Mike) and his fabu folk art (metals and woods, found objects). There is one I really really want -- a Day of the Dead figure whose chest opens to reveal the perfect little place for a shrine. (I couldn't get close to Mike. He was being lovebombed by artistic types every time I went by his spot. LOL.)
FYI: The one I want is in the next to the top row, fourth fella from the left, the skeleton on a red block which is then "resting" on a polished wooden plank.
And last but certainly not least, below is a shot of Ansley and her wonderful Songbird Soaps and products. I lob money her way every couple of weeks for one of her gentle soaps (lavender comes to mind) or such. They are -- as is she -- wonderful and sweet.

More Athens Farmers Folks later.

And now, to wrap this up, check back Friday for a peek at a few works in progress... cross your fingers! I have no idea where these gals are taking me but wherever it is, I am sure I need to go.

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michelle said...

oh, i like the folk art guy too! what a creative booth design and so effective! great pics.

Candace said...

LOL. He's set up on the fence surrounding the area because they forgot to reserve a booth for him. It worked to his advantage, however, didn't it? Thanks for your visit, Michelle!

Denise said...

I've walked with you and now I am oooogled out! What stunning STUFF!

cynhammond said...

Those are really fascinating art work.
BTW, my blog was being ornery the other night too.
I put a new one up tonight.

Candace said...

Thanks to you, Denise, for walking through with me. lol.

And I knew you would enjoy these folks too, Cyn.
Glad the computer is working again!

femminismo said...

Oh, you folks are still wearing sleeveless tops! We are wearing - or me anyway - fleece shirts.
It's really not all that cold but it's getting there. Love the Athens market scene. The folk art guy's work makes my hands itch. I want some. A group of us are going to do a Dia de Muertos shrine building workshop. I cannot wait!

Candace said...

Oooo... tell us all about that workshop, femminismo! Lights, camera, action. lol. Lucky girl!

Have a great weekend.