Sep 16, 2008

Signs & Wonders and Vacation

Hello Everyone! Signing off till Sunday... so have a great rest of the week and weekend. And it's WEDNESDAY, Sep 17. What is up with this day late, dollar short calendar?

Just a piece in my sketchbook that I have been working on. Signs & Wonders is destined for a journal. Don't know that you can see the text, but that's okay.
Work lately is mostly all line drawings coloured in with coloured pencils or watercolour pencils. A couple have some fun things on them, sticker crowns and such like Signs & Wonders, as I get used to multidimensions (like I would ever have trouble with that!) -- and then I lay them aside to work on them even more later to keep layering in more art more beauty more information I need to dispense to viewers and self. I owe a lot to Teesha Moore.
Today was a soft, cool, moist day. No sun in Athens, just a low, silvery sky. I wore jeans and a light cotton turtleneck when I went out to have coffee with Joe ... today was definitely a turning point. Once I put up my neck, Autumn inevitably knocks on the door. Unlike Summer's light parcels, She brings a suitcase and a carry on bag.
And Winter brings a steamer trunk, in case you've forgotten.
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Candace (Back Next Week!)


Velvet Ginger said...

I like that sketch! I wish I could see what it says.
t you love the changing seasons? We don't have much of that down here in AZ, winter is a breeze though!!

Candace said...

Just click on it and you should see it... Mmm. Arizona, how I love it. ANY season. Thanks for stopping by, Rubye.

Denise said...

The change in seasons is great, especially as we are moving into Spring!!! Yippeee!

Candace said...

Thanks for visiting, Denise! Hope your spring goes as well as our Autumn seems to be going.

Trish said...

hi! thanks for your comment:) I so appreciate it when people leave them, it motivates me even more!! I love your piece for your sketchbook-I've always wanted to try watercolor pencils, but trying to get used to colored pencils and regular pencils first-well, I hope to chat with you again , have a great week

Ana Baird said...

Hi Candace! Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments! Great blog and sketch! Hope you to see you back again sometime. Have a lovely day!

Candace said...

Trish, I know how you feel. One thing at a time! LOL. Seriously, when I realized coloured pencils could also be "watercolour pencils", there was just no turning back for a painterly look. Dry, it's just like anything else. The shading's the thing.
Ana, thanks for visiting. You go, girl. Gorgeous and fun sites, both of you, for anyone who wants to visit these artists!

femminismo said...

She peed ginger ale and could do not wrong????!!! I love it! Let's all try doing a hand and writing the first things that come in our minds. - Jeanne

Trish said...

thanks:) I love coming across new, inspiring, links-and there's SO much to find, i wonder if we can ever find them all! have a good evening!