Sep 10, 2008

Pilgrim's Progress

Hello Everyone! It's a beautiful THURSDAY evening here. My calendar is a bit off on this blogland clock.

DogGirl is coming along pretty well... she gets her new home and name (Thanks to Velvet Ginger!) this weekend in an art journal which seems pretty happy she's coming to stay...

As is often the case, I rendered this in coloured pencils, and then laid down some fairy dust, bits of return address labels for good measure, and a layer of gesso around her. Presto Chango.... !

This seems to be a common theme in my line drawings. And other work, admittedly. The solitary girl (woman) and the one animal.

DogGirl isn't finished just yet, but I will show you the completed product soon, I hope. Now that I have started, I see how much more I have to go until she's ready to "leave home" -- haha.

Check you all Sunday and until then,

Get More of You Know What,


femminismo said...

Clever girl! Are the "return address labels" actually part of the flowered wallpaper?
Really nice. I like her a lot. Jeanne
p.s. Hope your weather is OK.

Candace said...

Weather is pretty good. Same to you! The labels are not only the wallpaper, they are her skirt and the patches on her chair. LOL. I confess, I confess.
Thanks so much for your visit and the weather check.
Have a great weekend.