Sep 13, 2008

Rose Madder

Hello Everyone!
This is my process here of Rose, only this gal here is Rose, Even Madder (smirk). The woman herself is drawn using only the One Line. Tricky, tricky. I love doing it. I think it's a good discipline, as I've said, and it really makes me focus on the drawing, on my work, my art, the figure... everything except failure and other people's nagging voices about how "wrong" my art is... you put music on while doing this. Whoohoo. Beauty. No beast.

And yes, I drew her using red and black ink. Go figure. I was just having fun, experimenting.

The other, the "real" Rose Madder was executed using the same old, same old I love doing. A line drawing, coloured pencils, and then today I thought I would just lay down some beadwork and the next time you see her Rose Madder will have undergone the Full EyeCandy Treatment, too. These women, how fortunate. And it's FREE for them, too! LOL.

I am thinking of totally beading this piece, her hair, her dress, the roses, and leave only her face staring out with those glass green eyes. We'll see. Sorry you can't see the beads any better. The light hits just right. Coowee! Beautiful. Headturningly beautiful, this girl.

Back Sunday. Maybe Monday. Big adventures this weekend, an entire passel of girls will be here having fun tomorrow. Farmers Market, piano accompaniement for a solo voice lesson. And $5 gas! Oh yes, life is good. Let's hope it gets better.

For My peeps in probable harm's way, I hope and pray you are all right tonight, that tomorrow brings the sun and its goodness to you all.

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Velvet Ginger said...

Way cool! Kind of strange...I like the colorful beads hanging all around her hair & face. Very it!

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

I love line drawings. I think my favorite to do are blind contour without letting the pen leave the page. Your drawings are beautiful and I am glad you enjoyed Viggo. The host Jian is a cutie too.

cynhammond said...

I hope she gets over it sooner rather than later. She is going to have a rose allergy attack if she doesn't. Enjoying watching these develop along and along.

Candace said...

Blind contour! Yes, that's what it is. I use blind contour a lot. Thanks Cheryl.

I appreciate everyone's remarks, too.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

michelle said...

love the flower finger girl! so creative!