Sep 6, 2008


"The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face." -- William Thackeray

Something to remember during this transition into Autumn, which is not coming soon enough to suit some of us and seriously, as we view our own personal view of ourselves and what we hold dear or what we deem important in our private world.

Hello Everyone!

Victorian Gazing Glass has always been a favourite of mine and I finally sprung for one last week. These once upon a time must-haves still fascinate me, and were considered magical by some (and still are by others, ahem!). When the morning sun came across my tiered yard this morning, its reflected light so brilliant it was blinding, it was simply impossible to get a decent photo.

And I did indeed join the Suzi Blu Church. What a gal. Check her out here if you're new to this or if you simply need a quick boost. Okay I'm back. Yep, I just had a quick dose of Suzi and am all the better for it.

And while I think most of us know about Mrs. G's Man Cake over at Derfwad Manor, here is some Man Cake of a different sort from Jeanne at One Day At A Time. And the flowers she has posted there are so lovely and sweet. All these flowers and the fruits (and vegetables) of others' farming labors -- something is definitely going on over there in the Northwest.

Coming up this weekend, Art Shenanigans with Kitten and Kiki. That sounds like a lounge act, doesn't we? Well, just you wait till you see this girl group, trust me.

Until then, Get More of What You Love!

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Candace said...

It is not Saturday September 6th! What the -- ???