Oct 6, 2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

Hello Everyone!

While I try to figure out which skeleton to put where on the card, please note that the weather in Athens, GA, will be in the 80s till Wednesday's low 70s due to thunderstorm. This is what's called Indian Summer here in the States -- a tip of the hat to the Native American version of the Pleiades! -- another warm and inviting respite against the coming cold.

Of course, the dogwood can't tell and is doing what it does best this time of year. Just look at this baby go! I can't imagine what it's going to look like in another week or two...

And now that Kitten has shown me how to cook Red Lobster's garlic cheese biscuits,

some of us can't wait for that cold to show! But we have to. Nature knows best.

This weekend, everyone hereabouts seemed to have a wonderful day Saturday -- and Sunday, too, mostly due to the weather. Lots of company on Sunday and was I ever ready for it. I like to cocoon as much if not more than the next person, but once a month or so, I'm definitely a Social Butterfly and I do enjoy it.

Let's have the usual tour of a few sketches and works in progress here. Most are done in my tried and true coloured pencils, but I have to admit, there's some Crayola crayon in there, too.

This one is "Play Ball".

This Madonna and Child is really untitled.

Sorry she's so dark here. The lighting was not the best but it looked fine on screen.

Mod Squad. This was just for fun. I don't do blondes usually but I wanted to do a fun and zippy piece.

Well, Art Shenanigans almost always chases the blues away. Not that I have the blues, but just working on art or reading good books is almost always a cheering prospect for Yours Very Truly.

And, talking about good weekends, femminismo of "One Day At A Time" had a great one, it sounds like. She and I must have had a couple of parallel stars in the heavens at birth. Go here to read what was up with her. How I envy that gal's other other "art" weekends sometimes! And trust me, getting it done in this biz and done right IS an artform... LOL!

Over on some of My Other Peeps' blogs, I find that they aren't going into Autumn, because they are in the Southern Hemisphere! Ain't Blogland grand? And so, they are going into warm weather after the cold of their own winter.

Just take a gander at Denise's springtime herald here. She and I love both paper -- hey, who doesn't!? -- but she quilled a gorgeous little flower on this already lovely piece of art. Give those REAL Southern Gals a shout out when you visit their blogs. I find them truly fascinating. Different and yet share more commonality than we'd guesstimate. (Yes, that's considered a word now. Isn't it disgusting?)

Okay, we are on The Official TransAtlantic Watch at my house. Seven Weeks and Counting Down Until I am in The Mother Country. I talked to Jeanne my friend and soon to be hostess with the mostest today. Hoohoo! I can't wait. (But I have to wait... but I can't wait... but I have to wait... Nature knows best.)
Get More of What You Love, and I love an old orange cat.


Trish said...

I am so hungry for biscuits now!! I always feel better after doing something creative too:)

Denise said...

Thank you for linking me! This is soooo sweeet of you!
Big hugs

Mrs. G. said...

Seven weeks? How exciting.

Nice biscuits.

Denise said...

Hi again! Left you a little something on my blog :)
P.S. Off to raid the cookie jar :)

femminismo said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. You're the best. I'm glad your biscuits turned out better than mine. I wanted a MUCH BIGGER photo ... but then my keyboard would be all slobbery. :-)

Velvet Ginger said...

Your Dogwood is pretty...it's supposed to get up to 91 here today, it was 93 yesterday....when it's not in teh 100's here we know it's fall!

Susan Tuttle said...

Those biscuits are making me hungry. Thank you for sharing your lovely sketches!


candy said...

beautiful artwork! I'm glad to see crayon in artwork. I use them all the time.