Oct 15, 2008

Fall or -- Hello, Beautiful!

Fall brings us the best and the worst sometimes, election year or not. As Judy Wise stated this past week, it's that time of year when we say goodbye to things. We are sorry to read that her beloved Hermanito was one of those farewells.

Hello everyone!
Sometimes, the other side of that coin is, it brings out the beautiful, the bizarre, even the commonplace which suddenly takes on a different type beauty or grace.
Is that the dying of the light just over the ridge there? Hello, Beautiful! What a good girl this Clown Princess is. She's listening for a last shout out from her unrequited love, Scrap, before she's called in for supper.

And My Very Own Kitty Boy is seen below, patiently waiting on me to climb into the sack and reward his attention-grubbing behaviour while I, on the other hand, attempt to read "just one more page, please" before we touch noses, rub his head, massage his back, hold his paws ... with alternating doses of disdain and tolerance thrown in.

Get More of What You Love before that cat takes it alllllll....
PS -- Friday, A Personal Art Tour of recent Art Shenanigans. Then it's On The Road, to visit my folks as we gather to help marry off my niece's daughter. Yes. My great niece. How'd she get to be 25?!? Amazing...!


honeybee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm new to the blogosphere, so it is nice to have visitors.

Your artwork is lovely.

Toni said...

Candace! Thanks for the visit - and Judy Wise is WONDERFUL, isn't she? Do you have email address? Anyway, mermaids are my symbols, in all their moods, attires and attitudes - monstrous ones too! I'm so excited to read in your profile your love of WRITING!!!! Can't wait to really peruse your blog but I'm at work right now so it will have to wait. I just wanted to say HELLO.

candy said...

you're comment made me tear up! That was a wonderful comment you made, and I hope you visit again soon.

*sigh* I wish I could have a kitty, but my fiance is allergic....


femminismo said...

Is that a red border collie?! I once had a long, mad love affair with a male red border collie named Wisdom. He was everything you want in a man. Didn't leave his socks on the floor, wasn't picky about food, didn't fiddle with the remote. He moved to Montana with his owners, however. Then he went to sleep about a year ago and didn't wake up. The world still misses that boy. I love your fall picture. It is very soothing ... and your bedroom looks so cheery. I've been tired of mine - so drab and dark. I think it needs more light. Better go. Talk to you later. BTW, do you do Nanowrimo? Have you signed up yet? I'm looking for writing buddies.

Candace said...

Yes. I do! It's always a near bust however as November is really one of My busiest work times and this year, whoa! London... I guess I could write in pubs like JKRowling and come back fantastically wealthy, though. HA.
Bess is a sable Standard Collie. She does have quite a bit of red in that gorgeous fur coat, however.
Take care!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! You have some adorable fur babies! Hugs to them!

Southern Girl said...

What a beautiful post, Candace. I'm mean, really. And your pillows are PRECIOUS! (:

Ann said...
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