Oct 18, 2008

I Can't Stop Loving You

Hello Everyone.
And so it begins. Solid rain all day yesterday, not warm, not cold, just solid unrelenting rain and the soft silver sky. Today, there is no doubt. Fall has not only arrived, she is unpacking her bags.

This little pen and coloured marker drawing was done in memoriam to another "old orange cat". He actually wasn't really orange. He was more of a pinkish gold fella. He had real problems and was not what most would call a "good" cat. He was quarrelsome and aggressive, he bit, clawed and terrorized everything and everyone around him. He picked fights. He was sweet ONLY when it was bedtime.

And yet, he is the one most mourned and missed. The title popped into My head and I realized, yes indeed. I Can't Stop Loving You. Sing it, fellas, one time for me. Beading and backing on this starts next week.

And now, OFF to the Wedding!

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Denise said...

Enjoy the wedding! and it's raining here too! At last, summer has finally 'unpacked her bags'

Candace said...

Hi. That single to married business was a quick turnaround, believe me. Enjoy your summer!

Anne said...


So sad to lose a fur pal. But I love your artwork in his memory. What a nice sentiment.