Oct 12, 2008

Life's A Fiesta

Hello Everyone.

This weekend was fun, fun, fun for a lot of reasons. Saw several friends I hadn't seen in several months to a year. There are more than just one or two who are always a blessing to myself as well as others.

Life's A Fiesta! This is a coaster from a popular Mexican restaurant nearby and I really like the colours and the graphics, thinking about parties and all sorts of spectacles this time of year. But when I turned the coaster over, what I saw that "Life's A Fiesta" is about, is remembering that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Smackdown into reality, eh?

A couple other shots of things going in My Journal which would now need a crane to lift it -- okay, okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But seriously once I set my cap towards something, it seems like suddenly -- hey, there it is. There's another one! Hey look, another one! Golly, just check it out! TONS of them... get them all.

I can't decide which journal the lovely bit below belongs in... My Travel Journal (India, which has lots of peacocks and is a place I've always wanted to visit) or My Journal, as I generally love peacocks just for themselves. Altho I do not like pink, "pink", per Diana Vreeland, "is the navy blue of India." And this pink background makes these fellas simply POP, doesn't it? Very nice... although I would love love love to get a really great graphic of a white peacock...

We've had rain and wind... The trees are really getting into the spirit of Autumn now, their leaves deepening their individual colours or changing colours altogether to another section of the spectrum!

Take care,


femminismo said...

Hi, there, pal! I like the coaster too. Great way to add content by having the flip-side about something else we need to work on.
You can "make" the Portland Baroque Orchestra play something for you by clicking on the arrow. It's a little video I shot on the sly. (I can't spell sereptiously tonight.)
Thanks for reading about my brother. He came over to visit today and do laundry. I worry about him. Since my mother died he calls me and my sister every single day. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming, but then I just smile up at heaven and answer the phone.
I hope you can come to Oregon someday for the Art Harvest. If I came to Athens I could meet my new great-nephew and see you too. Maybe someday, OK?

Denise said...

Great coaster and glad to hear you had a fab weekend!

Southern Girl said...

OMG! Did you go/are you going to see the China's Terra Cotta Army at the High Museum in ATL? I saw the statues on your blog...

Southern Girl said...

AND...do you realize how homesick for Athens I get when I read about the Farmer's Market? (: I wanted to drive over this past weekeend, but then I remembered it was UGA VS. Tennessee. I was NOT going to try to be in Athens during that game. (:

Velvet Ginger said...

It sounds like you had a great time at the fiesta! I sure like that Peacock..after what you said on my blog...I am NOW hungry for Turn-Overs..apple or cherry will do! lol

C.S. Perry said...

The autumnal chill falls like the heavy end of a hammer in Georgia.
But even then...we still won't name any of our children "Sherman."

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone, for such sweet comments/visits to my little blog. It really made me perk up and screech like the peacocks!

Mmm... Southern Girl makes Me wonder, should I get another blog look?

Toni said...

Ms. Candace -- go go go visit Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist and talk to her about your desire for a white peacock. Trust me on that one. http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a_fanciful_twist/ She designed a peacock logo for someone who is trying to (or did) open a hotel in Morocco or somewhere ... I couldn't find the post on her blog that talked about the whole peacock extravaganza.

Anonymous said...