Oct 20, 2008

Monday's Child

is fair of face --

Hello everyone!

Remember that old nursery rhyme teaching children the days of the week using happy and occasionally woeful attributes. Hopefully one will think that this Monday's Child is indeed a good looking babe. Kitten said, "Oh look, you didn't draw yourself." LOL. I used only the pen and two coloured pencils for this and am pretty happy that it turned out this well.

Today the new passport arrived. How fortuitous as yes, indeed, it is time for The Official TransAtlantic Countdown. Five weeks from this very moment, I will be leaving on a jet plane, as the song goes.

In the news today, catching up with the Bloglandia Bunch, it seems that everyone and her sister is getting to take these fantastic weekends with Art Shenanigans! Go check out femminismo's site here and see what a great time she had and where she went. That gal is always up to something fun! Also, that sweet Michelle Allen gave her mom a fabu birthday present this weekend -- a visit to Art and Soul -- which you can check out here. Hey, who wouldn't like a treat like that?? Lisa Kaus's blog is one of the best, believe me. And Judy Wise's site is full of good works and deeds. She is just in from RAEvN's Nest in Wisconsin... I cross my fingers, hoping to go one day if only to reclaim a long ago friend.

Don't forget the Eyecandy Art Giveaway. Check the post before this one (Miles To Go) for details. I think it's a good fun way to reach out and touch someone -- which reminds me. It's time to make some phone calls.

Take it easy or not at all...

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