Oct 19, 2008

Miles To Go --

-- well, forget before I sleep. How about miles to go before I do anything?!
Hello everyone!
Yes, I am dithering about entering the Holiday 2008 Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa (extra "a" and all...). It's not that I do not think I am 'good enough'. No no. That's not it. Is it the $50 fee? Mmmm... just before London, too. Let me think this over. Is it the fact that, for these events, the culling is swift and brutal? Bring it on! I'm tougher than I look. You know I will let you know what I decide. I have till November 1st to make up my mind, which isn't nearly as tidy a process as making up my bed, sad to say.
Here's another denizen of the deep. I am obsessed with these fellas now. Look at that incredible luminosity around this baby.
And that's yet another project I have to get crackin' on! ArtFest '09 will be here before you know it -- and I am determined to take a couple of little beauties with me for fun and whathaveyou. (If you knew how until recently I struggled to show my artwork at all .... Kitten loves reminding me how timid I was. It cracks me up every time she impersonates me showing a piece of art to someone.)

ART GIVEAWAY: Say, who wants a handmade, one-of-a-kind Halloweenie card from Yours Truly? If You get your street or mailing address to Me (canwiggins@gmail.com) no later than October 25th (next Saturday, Kids), I will mail out a little something to you. All will be or are slightly different as I make each card (or postcard) one at a time. They're raw, they're wild, they're untamed! Like the artist. Smirk.

None of this artwork will have been seen before. It won't be fancy stuff, mind you. Then again, maybe it will!

Get More of What You Love,


Denise said...

Sounds as though there are a few decisions to be made ?!?!?! Go with the flow :)
Will mail you!

Candace said...

Sounds great, Denise. Mmm... Halloween in the springtime. That should be interesting! LOL.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Entering juried shows and contests can be fun, but don't rely on them as a measure of your artistic merit. The judging is so subjective. You can't tell what will make it in one time compared with the next. It is so fickle!

So, pick your best stuff. The stuff that you are most proud of and would be happiest to show off. The stuff that you are excited about and could talk on and on about with enthusiasm. Those are the pieces to enter into the show.

And good luck! :-)

Velvet Ginger said...

That illuminated thing is cool!
I sent you my email addy so I can get a Homemade card! You are very talented and a sweet girl!!!! Yes you should enter the contest ...unless it takes from your London money!
It's still in the 90's here! lol.

LaY hOoN said...

Thank you so much for your kind offer. I've put in my e-mail to your mail box. I wish I can receive one from you :)

Take care.

Lay Hoon from Malaysia

michelle said...

wow London sounds great! :)
I'm looking forward to seeing you at Artfest!
Doing shows can definitely be a good motivator for getting artwork done. If you're at all like me, you work better under pressure?