Oct 14, 2008

Northern Lights

Hello Everyone!

The photos are courtesy of my Thister ( -- hey, I was three, I couldn't say Sister. Yes, I still call her that sometimes.) who is over here with some penguins, three grandkids and not enough time on her hands. Seriously.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, she did not take these photos. BUT she and I would probably go to events like this if we ever did have time on our collective hands.

So please -- enjoy the Northern Lights over Yellow Knife Canada and a Fire Rainbow -- one of the rarest of natural phenomenon. Then go say hi to her. She always welcomes a visit.

No tour today, Kids. I know that in any type game with Nature, She always bats last.

And This Is The Fire Rainbow. Cool, huh?

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gentle said...
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Sepiru Chris said...


What a fun, eclectic blog.

I have been racing through it and will definitely be back for more.

PS, I too loved the Chronicles of Riddick. My wife had the set designer as a client, and we were all bummed at its performance at the theaters, because we wanted to see more.

Well, I will see more of your blog.


femminismo said...

Wow! Those lights are cool. It's early here and I'm working on a deadline project, so I will check back to see if you and your "Thister" have more adventures.

Candace said...

Well, I don't know about adventures. But we're marrying off our great niece Saturday. I hope that counts! LOL.

Southern Girl said...

Candace, your post brought back great memories of the Northern Lights I saw while I was stationed in Iceland for two years...beautiful and mysterious they were to me! Ahhh...I loved my early twenties. (:

Denise said...

What stunning pics! Sure takes one to another place! Thanks for transporting me!

LaY hOoN said...

Ooh !! So beautiful. It's really a great scene I ever seen.