Oct 31, 2008

Witches Brew

Hello Everyone!

A few fun things for everyone who checks in now and then. This week has been crazy busy at work so this might be my only time to post until next week at this time, possibly even missing the Original TransAtlantic Countdown. (Dry your eyes! I know you're busy too!) Wow, a month from today, I will be on my way BACK from the Mother Country.

It was a lot of fun working on all sorts of "cards" and the like the last week or so.
Altho I have learned more the last year or two, I find I always go back to simple line drawings and illos with simple coloured pencils and pen and ink. Watercolours are another new thing I am re-exploring. I had watercolour in college but that's been a while.

Happy Halloween, Punkin!

Hold on to your hat! Halloween is here!

The Eyecandy Art Giveaway is over, as you know, and several of you (hopefully) received your card by today -- Halloween! -- one of you as far away as Malaysia. Wow. Several here in the good old USA, one in PR, and one in South Africa. If they're a little late... we will blame the Post Office. I won't go so far as to say it's their fault, mind you... just that we will blame them and theirs.
So for now through even tomorrow, All Saints Day, good scary shows on the BoobTube and a Peach Bellini or two (the original recipe from Harry's Bar). TGIF... altho I have half a shift of work tomorrow as well. whew....! talk about scary...!

And here, the last fun thing, His and Her Nibs, Don and Kitten, not 15 minutes ago in this house on their way to a wild and crazy Trick or Treat Party in downtown Athens. They are so loved and so loving. I so rarely go out now on H'ween. But I think hanging with them would be more than fun. Who knows? Maybe next year, I will be Tagalong Tutu.

Pleasant Screams and have a great weekend, everyone!


femminismo said...

So glad I checked in - although my eyes are barely open. It's almost 11 p.m. Kitten is voluptuously beautimous! The outfit only magnifies her queenliness. And her fellow looks quite statuesque. (Greasing the vocabulary for writing Nanowrimo.) Thanks so much for all your comments. I'm sorry I forgot to send you my address so I could get a card. Let's do Thanksgiving, OK? I also left you a "return message" after your comment on my blog. Best to you, Tagalong Tutu

Candace said...

Your 50 cent words are more than appreciated here! Maybe your vocabulary will rub off on me.

Thanksgiving card swap? Awesome!

Say, Kitten is six feet tall and Don is also. When I stand between them, I look and feel like a little kid. Wouldn't THAT be a phun photo?
Take care!

Anne said...

Love your Halloween themed drawings! They are awesome!

Velvet Ginger said...

Hey that first one is MY card!!!! The are all just adoravle! You should have gone with your friends...they have great costumes!!! (I am 5"10", I thought I was tall but not like them huh?)

Velvet Ginger said...

Whoops...meant to ask..when do you go to England???

Victorian Lady said...

Hey Candace! :) Thank you SO muchfor my card!!!! I LOVE it! :) You are too sweet!


LaY hOoN said...

Hi. I receive your card.
Thank you so much !!