Nov 2, 2008

November's Nanowrimo

Wow. I can not believe how fast everything goes down the slide once we hit Labor Day... I was just bitching about the stores having Halloween out and about the last day of August and now it's over and done for '08.

Hello everyone!
As feminissimo reminds us here, it is indeed time for Nanowrimo. I started this particular jump off the bridge four years ago. Last summer ('07), I bought "No Plot? No Problem!" from Chris Baty, the founder of this writing gig, for giggles more than anything else. Some of his anecdotes and pep talks tickle my funny bone immensely.

I have 2,500 words so far at the end of this, the first day. Don't get excited, there's a reason which you should totally recall. I'll post a weekly word count, as time permits. And, oh yes, I know you are all wondering... "But Candy, aren't you going to be GONE that last week in November? That big final push it out week when champions make or break on the rocks of their own choosing? How are you going to -- ?"

Well, like a slug of single malt scotch, I like my writing challenges neat. That's why I intend to write DOUBLE the word count the first 24 days of the month in order to get 'er done.

So, don't cry for me, Argentina.

Just bring me a straitjacket, size S/M, please and in basic Great White.
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Photo credit: UK/London Business District (I bet he's worried about his daily count, too!)


Velvet Ginger said...

Good luck on that...I am sure you will do great!!!
I rreceived your homemade Halloween Card in the mail today!!!
It's so cute and creative and thoughful!!!!...I love the frog toad stew!!!

Candace said...

Oh I am so happy you enjoyed that stew! LOL.