Nov 7, 2008

The Better Nature of Our Angels

Happy Friday! Just a quick 50 cent tour for you today.

Another work in progress. Yes. It's on pink paper. I am not one for pink, as I've mentioned before, but one uses what one has when one has it at hand. Literally. It's on a lovely smooth paper about 6 by 8. It will probably end up in a journal or in a beaded hoity toity frame after I add more colours and bells and whistles.

I am wildly behind on my word count for Nanowrimo! But I have been busy in other ways and know I can catch up this weekend. Work is a given, of course, sucking up my creative time for such a vast undertaking, particularly this time of year.

It's raining here tonight and they predict a tremendous (for Georgia) dip in the temps here after it moves through. The Girls are restless, the Boys are asleep. Saw eight! deer in the front yard when I came in from "On The Border". That margarita was worth the rainy drive (all six minutes of it) and the deer are ever-grateful for that bucket of corn T puts out for them now that the weather has changed. (Really, it's to save the hostas!)

More autumnal splendor. The camera simply cannot and does not capture the better nature of our angels which sometimes speak to us through golden leaves and flaming red foliage. How fortunate I am to have lived to see such beauty during these times. More of this gorgeousness later on.

I get giddy with the camera when I am outside on soft gray days like today, surrounded by splashes of the most amazing of nature's beauty.

Attention: Handmade Shoppers!

There is a Goody Giveaway from the talented Michelle Allen -- go visit her site here and lay a few words on this artistic entrepreneur. You may just win the Giveaway.

And it's always cheering to have a comment from folks, as I am sure you know!

Have a great great weekend.

And get more of what you love, whatever season you find yourself in.


michelle said...

thank you for the linky Candace!

michelle said...

oh and I love this girl! she's lovely

Candace said...

No problem. I want everyone to see that Snowman and Mouse ...
thanks for your kind note!

Anne said...

I like your pink Nature Sprite. She is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see what she becomes! :-)

Thank you for your very nice words on my blog today!

Southern Girl said...

Hey, Sweet Candace! As always, love watching the seasons change with you! (:

Judy Wise said...

You say the best things on your blog. Love your art, your writing, the whole enchilada. And one of these years I just have to participate in NaNoProMo or whatever that writing thing is. It sounds like a wonderful challenge!!

Velvet Ginger said...

That's a pretty pink lady there...I love the Flamingo foiage too!
We are finally having a little fall wind and chill today!

Heart in the country said...

Hi Candace

Thank you for your comments, I couldn't find an e-mail so thought I'd reply via your blog. I think the film Saving Private Ryan was based on the same sort of story. Unfortunately the poor mother had another son who was too young to fight at the time.....he then died from meningitis 3 years after the end of hte war! I can't comprehend what she must have gone through.

Take Care


candy said...

cool! I love contests!