Nov 19, 2008

Things To Come

This year, Nanowrimo is not unlike being stuck in a blender with an alligator.

Hello Everyone!

This is what I am going to this Saturday. You may recall I had dithered about whether or not to try and get in when they had their Artist Call back in September. Well, I did decide against it what with my vacation coming up -- less than a week away now. The fee was $50 but $50 was $50 this time around, and I can spend that on something handmade in Merrie Olde, if you know what I mean.

This is certain to be fun. I was pretty impressed with the one back on Mother's Day and with the young woman/head honcho in charge of it.

And here is the invite of another holiday event coming up at Spruill Gallery in Atlanta which I have visited more than just once or twice. Don't you love these little fellas? They look like felt, and I just might have to try some of these this year.

Here is the latest shot of the (still) in progress Persephone. Yes, that’s her name and that's the title of this piece now rather than "Pink Lady". The background will no doubt be something dour and dark in nature and execution. She’s encased in darkness, representative of the Underworld Kingdom (death, winter, the unknown) but it has not transformed her. She is still the harbinger of another changing of the seasons.

In other words, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

So come on, Jack Frost, the sooner you show, the sooner you’ll go!

Altho I have to admit, I love autumn and – more often than not -- winter. Shhhh.... Does that make me a bad person?

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femminismo said...

Love your lady. Love the penguins. So close to "take off" time for you. Have a wonderful trip. I wish I were there to go to that wonderful art shindig. I'll be there in spirit! - jeanne

Walk in the Woods said...
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Walk in the Woods said...

I love each and every season - for their are divine gifts in each!

Enjoy them all!


Anne said...

I really like Persephone! She is coming along nicely! :-)

And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment.

candy said...

Persephone is beautiful! Nice work! Those little felt penguins are so cute, much better than the ones I'm making right now.