Nov 16, 2008

Sunday Morning Going Down

Found this fantastical new creative from Madrid, Spain, thanks to my blog pal, Michelle Allen, who is having fabu adventures art- and cuisine-wise in China which you can read about here.

Hello everyone!

This is one of the few days I will have "off" till I take off -- literally -- so it was thoroughly enjoyed today with a belated celebration with T, brother Steve and s-i-l Olivia (the redhead), all seen here waiting for brunch. They are totally great folks anyway but especially to come visit from a bit of a distance for T's b'day, take in a film and go to eat at one of T's and my favourite restaurants -- The Last Resort.

The murals inside this fabulously delicious and affordable eatery are incredible. (Sorry for the solar flare!) Wouldn't you love, love, love to have this artist hanging out with you when it's time to decorate? And there's always art of some sort on their dining area walls. Local artists, too.

The food at The Last Resort is superb and boasts generous portions. I have never been disappointed at that place. My plate was loaded with my order which was duck hash and new potatoes topped with an avocado creme fraiche, all tucked under two perfect poached eggs for $8.95.... what the -- ??? Mmmm... no dessert (I was stuffed), although I did have a Bloody Mary to get me going. Sigh... this helped settle my OWN hash for Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace".
Take care and have a great, great week.



michelle allen said...

love the mural and the water in the mural. glad you got to have a day off : )

candy said...

ah yes...Daniel Craig....I saw that movie also. What a body!