Dec 8, 2008

101 Dalmations -- Not!

Hello Everyone!
I didn't realize this but I checked, spurred on by a couple of other Blogovia pals and creatives, and this is indeed my 101st post. Nowhere near the rest of some of you, but in honour of the occasion --

send me your address if you wish to receive a little something in the mail (Linda gets one anyway! I can't believe how that last one got botched... sorry!) handmade by Yours Very Truly for the holidays. A small something, true -- but it's in the "better to give than receive" spirit, it will be yours to enjoy, and in plenty of time to boot!

On another note, London doesn't have more than a handful -- if even that many -- of Mexican restaurants. So when Jenn came up from Southampton for our "Peach State Reunion", that was what she was looking for. We totally lucked out when Our Miss Jeanne found Wahaca, Mexican Outdoor Market Eating, on 60 Chandos Street in downtown London. Inexpensive and very flavourful, to boot! The Mexican Hot Chocolate alone would have been worth the trip, believe me.

I had the hualachoochees. Okay, I admit my grasp of Spanish spelling isn't that great (can you say "phonetic" in Espanol?), but my taste buds are just fine! The mojitos were excellent in this restaurant and it was so great to spend much of the weekend with Jenn, too. We ended up having an old-fashioned slumber party and having a nice Sunday brunch at The Bridge, where I had found the advert for the WOW art event.

But here's the real kicker. I collect matchbooks when I travel and so picked one up in Wahaca. Say, I thought, these sure are odd-looking matches. Only, they aren't matches. On closer inspection, I saw that they were seedlings for your/my very own Serrano chilies with instructions, etc., inside. Enough for a nice beginning to one's chilie garden here in Athens! Yum... !
Okay, get those addies in to me at before Saturday, December 13th. You don't want to miss this party.
Adios, Muchachos (I looked it up).


michelle allen said...

am I the first one to give you my address!
17122 NE 219th Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604
i LOVE goodies. : )
the seedling matchbook is so cool! what a nice surprise!

Velvet Ginger said...

That's an Interesting thing about you..collecting matchbooks! We have the best of the best as far as Mexican food down I bet you really enjoyed that with your Mojito! (I like margaritas myself!)

Wig Wandering said...

I got a matchbook recently that was, surprise, toothpicks. As for mojitos, they are the drink of the island and I am totally hooked.

Wig Wandering said...

Oh but I forgot to ask if you are familiar with Caipirinhas? What a tastily wicked Brazilian drink that will knock you for a loop. Similiar to mojito but made with Cachaca

Sarah said...

Congatulations on 101 posts! I was going to send you my address anyway wasn't I-i'm not just doing it for a gift honestly! Could you send me yours too please? Ta.
That is a good idea of the restaurant to give out seedlings-to spread the good chillie power around!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on your 101st post.
Sounds as though you had a fantastc time in London, and you met Sarah! What a fantastic doll she gave you, lucky you.
Thanks for calling in on me.

Anne said...

Hi, Candy! More fun tales of your adventures! The Mexican food sounds fabulous and has me drooling! Love the idea of chile seedlings! Have fun! :-)