Dec 10, 2008

Another Visit With Art Shenanigans

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder to send me your street addies at my email at if you would like to receive a small goodie from Yours Truly by Saturday, 13 December in time for the holidays. (I put Saturday, 11 December earlier. Duh... what calendar am I using, I wonder?)

Also, here we have another visit with Art Shenanigans... brought to me (and indirectly you) by Kitten. Isn't this little treat to the right here kind of her? She's such a good friend and art pal. I do think most folks open their hearts at this time of year for whatever reason -- altho Kitten's seems open all the time. Even if and when pocketbooks are closed due to tough times, no kids, no holiday traditions, the heart and spirit take flight. And money cannot quite do that little trick... !

Check out some new Cool Blogs, Cool People on my site to the right. Through Circles of Rain here where you will find Sarah Wallis, I found Black-eyed Suzie here -- another eyepopping jawdropper of a creative. Her dolls will make you smile -- or scream.

And here is a very kind award -- a Friendship Blog Award -- from Anne of Gaal Creative in the Cool Blogs, Cool People section. I will be passing this along someday soon to some others. It is an honour and joy to be recognized as a blog friend from this fun creative woman. Thank you, Anne. You also are a friend as well as an inspiration to many of us in Blogovia.

Take care, and don't forget to get more of what you love.


Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
That is a lovely little thing your friend has made you-has she used origami papers? Thanks for the mention too! Congratulations on your award!
We did the play today (twice!) and it went well! It makes all the practising worth it when they have such fun on the day!

Candace said...

That's what the papers are there, for the most part... origami. Hooray for the play... I will visit your blog soon where I am sure you will give us all fun details! Congrats!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Congratulations on the blog award! :-)

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Candace,

It is always a pleasure to come onto your site. Welcome home from London and I hope your knee heals soon.


Lynne said...

Lovely piece of work.
Congratulations on your award.

Velvet Ginger said...

Thsoe Shenanigans are really cute!! You are so creative!!

femminismo said...

Candace, really like the swirling papers and congratulations on the blog award. I will check all these neat blogs out when I get home from work. Yes! I have read "Lucky" by Alice Sebold. Remarkable woman and book. Hope you are doing well. The arctic front moving in tonight will prove a test of our Oregonian longjohns. - jeanne

Denise said...

You're a delight! Love visiting here! All Christmas cards sent last year were Iris folding! Sore fingers but was worth it!