Dec 27, 2008

Cardmaking 2009

Off to SC on Saturday for the family's holiday dinner. Everyone is so scattered now but we are all able this year to be together. For this, I am exceedingly grateful.

Hello everyone!

While T is making curried chicken salad for me to take tomorrow, I will give you a quick looksee at a mag I received. Santa is real... hoohoo.

As you know, I have always done my little line drawings and while my art has indeed expanded, I've always illustrated letters and cards. T thought it was high time I get really serious and so, voila! From the lofty shelves of Barnes & Noble, this lovely lovely mag from the UK I've had my eye on.

What's so nice is it has a calendar/diary for each week, a list of addresses and personal info in the back for recipients, tons of templates (including irises... lol!), and is just a nice venture out of the 2-D world.

Between this and Anne's amazing videos and clear instructions here, I hope to get really cracking in 2009. I am calling it, what else? eyecandy.

Take care!
Back in a couple of days to wish all a happy new year.


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Wow! Thanks for the lovely praise and the link! :-)

Hope you and yours have a tremendous holiday season!

femminismo said...

I loved the card you sent me. I will treasure it and include it in my art journal for December. Thanks and I hope you spend many more days making great cards that earn you your due. jeanne

Velvet Ginger said...

Wow, what a great gift for you, now you can really "get to town" making your great cards. I haven't received yours yet, but our mail is routed through Phoenix & it always takes me longer to receive anything! That's ok, looking forward to it!

Victorian Lady said...

Very Cool! Having one of your cards, I say GO FOR IT!! :) Best of luck to you sweetie!


Ms. Creek said...

Have a wonderful time with your whole family! I understand about the scatteredness of such and those times for all to get together are rare and special!

Chicken Curry Salad sounds delightful! Care to share the recipe?

Cool to make your own cards!

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone, for these very kind and fun comments. It's been up and down this year, huh? Well, '09 promises to be a real challenge, artwise as well as plain old lifewise.
Let's all stay in touch. We're in it together!
Ms Creek, I will be happy to send the recipe via RJ.
Have a good evening, everyone.

Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
That looks like a great present. One of my presents was a book of lots of different craft projects, somke using techniques I haven't even heard of.(Ever heard of water soluble fabric?) It's exciting to look forward to all these new things! Have a great new year!
Sarah x

Jenn said...

Hi Candace:) thanks for stoppin' by my blog!! So happy you found me through Mere:) Happy, Happy New Year to you!!!

Christy said...

Happy New Year to you too Candace. This mag looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing all of the things you create in 2009! Oh and yes, One Day At A Time is such a wonderful place isn't it :)