Dec 25, 2008

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

-- whatever that means to our animal friends. Bess misses T very much today. It's become quite obvious that I play second fiddle in the string section here! She keeps circling the tree like T is hiding back in the branches or something... and she keeps circling the kitchen (of course, I did heat up the roast chicken which she will go to the mat for, if I make the mistake of eye contact).

It's been very quiet in the Hollow this day and especially this evening as the First Day of Christmas winds down. I'm here alone today with the Girls and the Boys (catnapping upstairs with occasional breaks for bids at World Domination). Plenty to keep Me busy and occupied as you'll see before I sign off!

What a great supper on Christmas Eve. Homemade veggie soup and cornbread so delicious that not even a flash camera could capture its image, that's how fast it went down.
All this was courtesy of T, who made enough for me to have a big bowl this afternoon while watching "Hellboy II: The Golden Army."
Now that's a holiday movie, believe me.

A couple of peeks at a card and a paper doll ornament, respectively, that I've started and then back to my knitting...
okay, okay, I'm really reading a fun book Kitten brought over last week. Knowing of my years past and present as a proofreader/editor/writer and linguist, she was right to think I would enjoy "Woe is I". I highly recommend it to anyone in or even out of those fields. I am enjoying it even more than "Eats, Shoots and Leaves".

Have a happy evening straight on till morning! (It's 65 degrees here today. Wha...???) Hard rain all last night, then the sun comes out today, practically balmy!
Get More of 2008. It's over soon! And then the real fun of a brand new year starts up again.

Your Pal, Candace

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Ms. Creek said...

I'll take some of the veggie soup!