Dec 23, 2008

No Place Like Home (Redux)

-- for the holidays, as Perry Como sings it so well this time of year. And really, there isn't whether it be here in Athens, or in Rome with T's family or with my folks in SC ... some of whom are seen just below.

Hello everyone!

Is this Gleesome Threesome a sight for tired eyes or what? My sister's grandchildren, they are -- from left to right -- Isaac, the Redheaded Charmer; Isabella, the Baby and the Queen Bee; and Ian, the Oldest and Sweetest.

Like the Hokey Pokey, that's what it's all about -- right here in these fresh, new faces.

They definitely have made the Nice List this year as they seem to, every year. Must be in the genes.

Here's a quick peek at a paper flower Kitten helped walk Me through. Whew! I love working on and with paper but sometimes I feel more than inept with a capital I yi yi yi yi!

BTW, some of us could use a little sunshine and a few flowers right about now from what The Weather Channel reports. So, this one's for you in the Snow and Ice Corridor for now.

All my cards and goodies are out of here now and wow, was it ever an uphill event this year. Dunno why... Just one odd little thing after another. You'd think the elves and goblins were out and about making mischief for me! I ended up making simple visual treats as the fates seemed to have it in for me this time around.

My computer came to a (near) complete standstill today, thanks to spyware and malware. Geez. I really owe Don one for coming over and fixing everything up for me at the drop of a hat (or phonecall). This baby isn't just for fun in Blogovia; it's also my work station. So I was truly grateful for his expertise as well as his patience.

Just two days and it's Christmas...! Holy Mackerel, didn't we just do this? Solstice Sunday was grand, complete with a trip to Atlanta for a big, big par-tay! (57 degrees at the beginning of the event, and then two hours later, 21!!! What the...?) The Big Day is just around the proverbial corner, followed by Boxing Day and Kwanzaa the day after. And, are you popping open a grand slam bottle of bubbly this year for Auld Lang Syne? While it may seem like we don't have anything to truly celebrate, we do. We really do have much much much to be thankful for and about, believe you me.

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Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
Your sister's grandchildren look sweet! Your paper flower is beautiful. Do you fix it onto a stem?
I love 'The Woman in White' and plan to watch two different versions of a Christmas Carol later today! Hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.
Sarah x

femminismo said...

Happy Christmas Eve Day! The grandchildren - you're a great aunt, too - are very fetching. The Queen Bee must have had some wiggly teeth not so long ago! Hope your weather is not quite so cool or changeable - but then it wouldn't be weather, would it? We still have snow - maybe 2 more inches last night. Ai yi yi, indeed! jeanne in Oregon (Did you get my card?)

Southern Girl said...

Merry Christmas, Candace. Just got back from my trip to Texas last night, and catching up on my blog reading! (:

Candace said...

Thanks everyone! Back atcha, too.
Sarah, I have several of these and am fixing them onto a big ball-type decoration. Photo to come...
Hi Jeanne. Everyone's cards should be there right about now or before NY's Day, which would be perfect as well. The mail is always iffy here, so I'm sure Santa will see to it that yours arrives post haste.
SG, Texas... wow. No wonder we were all in the doldrums, you were off the grid there, Cowgirl. Good to see you again and same to you!

Lynne said...

Love the paper flower. Happy Christmas.

Velvet Ginger said...

Your nephews and nieces are sure cuties!!! They look so happy and sweet.
That paper flower is lovely....your creativity amazes me, I do admire talented people.
You have something (not much, you will laugh) coming in the mail from me, I just got it mailed probably after Christmas, but I woudl like to say my friend...

Candace said...

Thanks Lynne and RJ! I hope you all have great holidays, too. I am tracking Santa on NORAD, he's just now entering the Western hemi... excuse me while I go make ready for a lump of coal.

Ms. Creek said...

Hi Candace!

I'm Vel's sister...just wanted to pop in...and wish you a peaceful holiday season! I read your nice comments you write to RJ!

I like your blog and that's quite a feat to get 3 kids to smile at the same time! Love those toothless pics, they are priceless!

Denise said...

The kiddies are delightful! Your flower is lovely! Can you share instructions ;) ?
Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas Day and here's some good ol' SA Sunshine for you :) :) :)

Candace said...

Thanks Ms. Creek and a belated happy birthday to you, too.
Denise, temperatures here today are almost in the 70s... a far cry from this last weekend's bonechilling cold. Thanks for that sunshine, we'll still take it! :)

Instructions? Well, we'll just see about that... lol.
Have a good one.