Jan 19, 2009

Am I Blue?

Are you blue?
Hello everyone! I do love that song no matter who sings it.
And weatherwise, yes, we feel it here in the (allegedly) Sunny South, too. 12F at 6AM Tuesday. This crackin' cold jolt should finish sweeping out the old and bustle in the new as our new Prez takes charge like a no-nonsense parent cleaning up after an irresponsible babysitter...

Fortunately this fantastically warm, soft and deeply gorgeous scarf by Femminismo which I won (fair and square!) keeps me going on bone- numbing walks with or without the Girls here and there. Thanks for working such splendiferous wonders with those yarns, Jeanne. Truly you could set up shop and thrive anywhere, no matter the economy.

Not a self-portrait as much as the feeling here with this Blue Portrait entitled appropriately enough "Blue". Misty Mawn has certainly inspired me with her January suggestions, hints, tips and nudges on her blog. One day, she gave us blue. And then, there was self and self-portraiture on her blog. And I simply closed my eyes and dove in, and this is what happened next for me.

This is rendered on 140 rough, cold press with coloured pencils and crayon. My drugs of choice...

When I was younger... okay, okay, when I was actually young... Joni Mitchell's songs were like personal anthems to me on many occasions. Blue, her 1971 iconic album, kept me going through college, fraught with so many dangers (midterms, boys, finding one's own voice while realizing 'whoa, that can get me in trouble' and doing it anyway!).

Blue is also a favourite colour, as it contains so many varieties of itself. And its very essence fits into our vernacular. As I'm a wordsmith, that's important to me. When we are sad, we have the blues; we sing the blues. "My Blue Heaven" is a song (and a movie) which comes from a term that means a relationship or a situation that can feel like the greatest thing in the world but still makes you miserable. There's a multitude of pop culture and iconoclastic views regarding this word, this colour, this feeling.
This blue.

I made a tough decision today. It's not a happy decision but it's the right decision and most times, right trumps happily ever after in my house of cards. Needless to say -- you guessed it, it's made me blue. It left me a little down, a little bit cold.

I won't make ArtFest '09 after all. But everything will be all right, I'm sure. There's next year, hopefully; and there's a couple other fun things closer in I will manage to attend.

Funny how one door shuts and another opens. So I will sit tight during this cold season and about the time everything heats up, brightens up, the flowers blooming and birds on the wing, something close will show.

There's Craftstravaganzaa, you know. Don't forget I almost entered it last year. This very well could be the year I pop off and do something crazy like enter my work in a very public place.

And, as usual, here's that old orange cat (blue's complement on the colour wheel, by the way), still waiting for you-know-who to settle down beside him on a cold winter's night in Dixie.

Faithful to the end. Don't cry for me, Orangeatina.

Take care.


Ms. Creek said...

Ahhh, great post! Sorry you aren't going to Artfest, sounds like it's quite a disappointing decision, but best...for whatever reason.

The scarf looks warm! We've had 40s and even 50s this past week! It's amazingly warm...and green!

Blues...hope yours quickly disappears!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Your orange tabby sure has the right idea! It's even cold and snowy way down here in North Carolina! And a LOT of snow for us! Stay warm! :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
Sorry you feel a little blue about your decision but as you say it is the right thing to do then that's some consolation. I like your blue portrait. Your drugs of choice ha ha! At least today is a happy happy day for America! What's craftstravaganza? (Have I spelled that right?!) Sounds like fun. I wish we had things like artfest here. Well, we may do but no one has told me!
Take care and stay warm in your lovely scarf.
Sarah x

Candace said...

Oh it surely is, Sarah. It's funny but it feels like a veil has parted here. Seriously, deep and great happiness and hope and joy here.
Craftstravaganzaa is an art fest here in Athens, GA, for independent artists. Well, we just have to find out about what's up on your side of the water!

Anne, stay warm yourself. Altho Kit has his own fur coat, he is the dickens about scrooching in my bed like a little kid. He even sleeps UNDER the covers. HA!

Ms. Creek, I may have to pack up and come visit if it's _that_ balmy in paradise.
Thanks, girls. Have a great day!

Charlie said...

I'm so sorry you had to make that decision to not go to Artfest. But if it is the right thing to do then I'm proud of you.
You did a great job on Misty's portrait/blue challenge. Sneaky idea to put them together.I like it. Thanks again for your support and encouragement.It means a lot. Together we will get through this.

femminismo said...

Glad you scarf arrived. If it's too scratchy, pass it on to someone else. Or wear it away from your neck. Sorry about your decision on Artfest. The crafting in Athens sounds fun, though. Maybe there's a reason ... that's what I always say, when we can't do what we'd really like to. My best thoughts to you tonight. - jeanne in oregon

Candace said...

Oh gosh, Jeanne, seriously this is probably one of the softest items of clothing I've had. Very luxurious, and WARM.
Thanks for your visit and kind note re: ArtFest.
Yes, there's always a reason even if we don't see it at the time.
Take care!

Velvet Ginger said...

Your kitty is so cute & snuggly!
I like the art you posted here.