Jan 11, 2009

And The Award Goes To --

Hello Everyone! Squeezing this post in before the Golden Globes tonight.

I hope everyone is doing well out there in Blogovia. Today, I'm sharing a few images from a few of the cards I sent out during the holidays. Not all are here, as there just isn't enough room.

All these were New Year's greetings, btw. I like to put something "extry" as my grandmother would say, such as trying to put in desert flora and fauna for RJ (Velvet Ginger of Somewhere Over The Rainbow) who lives in Arizona, and a tip of the hat for the others as well.

One Day At A Time's Femminismo has it bad for roses, so of course, there were roses on her card. And stars on her skirt as well as RJ's... both ladies strike me as reaching for the stars, being surrounded by whimsy and fun.

And Christmas, for some, means summertime, as Bless This Mess's Denise Mayson will be happy to tell you.

Speaking of weather, it's been aggravating here as it's been a lot like a "strawberry spring" recently, which happens when the temps are so mild and inviting, things start blooming. And then WHAP! Old Man Winter shows up again as of today, and nips everything and everybody in the bud with his 32F self ... with the exception of course, of the mosquitoes and bugs, which are the size of Buicks in My neighborhood by the time summer shows up.

Can you find the hawk's nest here? And it's as crisply cold and forlorn here at 235 as it looks in this photo, trust me!

Before I sign off, Black Eyed Suzie here has a fun website I recommend and she also wants to know how to 'make' that little raincoat in the previous post. I'm sending those to you, cross my heart. If you like dolls and sculpting, and a twisted, wicked sense of humor, in general, give her blog a shout out. You won't be sorry.

I found Black Eyed Suzie through Circles of Rain's Sarah Wallis who just sent me a fun Starbucks cup ornament ('a late Christmas or very early Christmas gift', as she says. Oh, why not both? lol.) and THIS totally magical girl... thank you, Sarah!

This redhaired miss fits just so into my hand. She is quite small and the detail is very lovely... the little fern across her frock is silvery glittery fun! And her arms and legs move, as well. Do you see her tiny, artsy brads?

Take care and Do More of What You Love.


Velvet Ginger said...

Awww you posted my card! I love it...the pruple moon added a special "extry" too, I don't think you knew I was a moon nut.
All the cards are so cute and specialized Candice...what a gift you have! Thank again!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I really like your 2009 cards. So personal and thoughtful! I especially like the one who is wearing a 2009 "crown". It looks awesome! :-)

Denise said...

Aaah and I'm gazing at your lovely card, perched happily on my noticeboard! Thanks again my friend.

Sarah said...

Lovely cards Candace! Glad the little pressie arrived and thanks for the pickie of the doll-I forgot to take one before she flew off! I am going to tag you, I hope that is ok! Look at my blog for details. Take care x

Wig Wandering said...

We loved our card!! Thanks a lot.
Wish I could send you some of the beautiful weather we are having.

Candace said...

Hello Everyone! I am so glad that the cards were a "hit" with you all, it appears!

Sarah, the tagging is A-okay. I like to tag on occasion as it's a way to A., keep people -- i.e., ME -- on their toes and B., have something else fun goin' on on the blog.

Wig Wandering... it's been like spring here until now and now, it's like winter again. Typical Deep South bs. (can I say that on my blog??? -- lol.)

Take care!

Ms. Creek said...

very creative and very cool!

vel is a purple nut and a moon nut, so you did her well!

femminismo said...

Yes! That's "my" card. Thanks for remembering I like roses. Are those cowboy boots under the one gal's skirt? Cute! I saw the hawk's nest. I guess you may need the scarf if it's 32 degrees. Check my blog for a picture of the envelope. It's almost headed your way. Best to you, C. - yer pal, jeanne

Wig Wandering said...

I know, the weather in our area is so up and down. When we first got to SC it was colder than a witch's tata(can I say that on your blog LOL), then it was so moderate the day you came up. Here, not to complain, the weather is almost the same every day, with variances of 10 degrees from summer to winter.

Velvet Ginger said...

I forgot to say I can clearly see the hawk nest, how cool!
That's ME in the crown Anne! lol

Linda Sue said...

Great post- very stimulating tomy not so stimulated creative urge...Christmas undid me. Love your blog. I once made a life sized paper doll with articulated joints. It was fun and creepy- two of the best things art can be!!!
Glad I found you!

so NOT cool said...

The cards are absolutely delightful. Really beautiful and personally touching.

Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
Thank you for the lovely paper doll bookmarks! They were a pleasant surprise at the end of an exhausting day! I like the card too-beautiful colours. Hope you enjoyed the golden globes.
Take care :)

Candace said...

Well, thanks everyone. Sarah I am so glad you liked those bookmarks, haha. Your very own Hands across the Water!
The Globes were great, I was really rooting for the Brits this year. Rule Brittania... especially Colin Farrell.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and supportive of these fun little line drawings I do -- more this weekend from EyeCandy.
Have a great Friday, everyone!

Tammy said...

Absolutely Adorably Huggable!