Jan 29, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

But January showers bring me flowers right now!

Hello everybody!

Hey, we're all sick of this cycle of doom and gloom weather we've had but what the -- ???

Daffodils in January, even in the Sunny South, is a bit much. Stepping out to check the mail today, I found these babies,as if by real magic, popping up out of nowhere. Seriously, they were not there yesterday.

What was there yesterday and several days before that was drenching rain and COLD -- as in the 30s. And the deer – including two bucks, so you know that means trouble in the near future - have started coming by regularly to frisk and play around the recently opened Corn Bar in our yard. So something is going on somewhere but still -- it seems a little early to me.

A looksee at what I am working on. An eye for ... mmm. What do you have an eye for? An eye? Beauty?

This babe is going in a new work journal. I don't make colour wheels when I am trying out new pens, pencils and paints as I have seen others do.
I just dive into the pool and get it over with, immediately starting with a couple of small figures or faces.

The phrase "an eye for" was on a mag just beside my workbook and I thought it would go well with where I'm headed in this next book. Five Senses Plus Two.

Say, maybe I will disintegrate it like Jeanne is doing to a lucky book here.

Don’t forget the deadline for the HEARTZAPALOOZA Art Drawing and Giveaway is February 1st at midnight. The actual name drawing is February 2nd, at midnight. If you have already entered, just ignore this reminder. But say, if you just want to leave a cheerful little note, I am all about that.

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femminismo said...

Argh! Did I sign up? Do I have to do something? I forget and it's late and I'm supposed to be in bed. I'll be back tomorrow a.m. early.

Candace said...

You're good, femminismo. We've got your back, np.

Velvet Ginger said...

What a great idea for a book!
The deer will probably eat your daffodills? I wouldn't mind if I had deer feeding in my yard, I just get those stinky Javelinas!
Take Care hon!

Ms. Creek said...

oh good grief! lucky you!

we are zero degrees and horrid wind!

Sarah said...

I have an eye for my friend's sweet comments-thanks!
Am interested to see where your journalling will lead. I have recently discovered sharpie pens-why oh why didn't I know about their magical properties before? Today I found a pack of two italic sharpies that make a lovely line. Have just been writing a few large letters in the little space left in my three week challenge journal. Such fun! Now though, I must go for a walk, buy a large squishy ball to add to Milly's present and take a few photos.
Have a lovely weekend with your early spring flowers!
Sarah X

Southern Girl said...

Hey, Candace! I've been laying off the computer a lot lately, but it's always great to return to your blog! My daffodils next to my mailbox have started sprouting up, too! I'm living in fear of cold snaps in their name...haha.

femminismo said...

Posting again. Visiting around the "block" of pals. I just cut the Mister's hair. Yikes! I tried the left ear trimmer first and went too deep! Didn't draw blood but he doesn't have much hair to keep his left ear warm. Fortunately I stopped and can sort of "blend" the longer hair above the cut over it. Oh my! Well, this is how we learn and he won't go to the barbershop. (Maybe I can still convince him he needs to, however.) LOL for real

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I like the new work-in-progress you shared here. "An eye for..." could lead to so many phrases, like "An eye for the finer things" or "An eye for art." Good luck! :-)