Feb 2, 2009

Thank you, Bill Murray

Yep, it's now officially Groundhog Day here, being just after Midnight in Georgia and by all meterological predictions, this little beast will indeed see his shadow here and we will have six more weeks of winter. Someone needs to give that little sucker some sunglasses.

Hello Everyone!

Just a short post tonight, no tour. The deadline for Heartzilla has come and gone. Tomorrow, after our weather-laden existence is forecast by General Beauregard Lee of Georgia, I will be holding the February Art Drawing at midnight. And maybe, just maybe, I will put up a photo of the goodies, too.
What did I learn this weekend from Kitten? Making a book using one sheet of paper. Fun!

Take care, no matter what the weather,
(photo: 2007 Daniel Cadieu)


Sarah said...

I love that film! I can make a book out of one sheet of paper too-clever eh?! I am having a lovely day at home today as school is closed and my course is cancelled. I have dutifully done some work and now am going to do jobs and art for the rest of the day. I love the snow!

Anne said...

Here in NC, we listen to Sir Walter Raleigh, our designated groundhog weather forecaster! ;-)