Jan 24, 2009

February Art Drawing and Giveaway

Heartzilla Giveaway!

As I mentioned once before, I have committed to have a drawing for an art giveaway each month of 2009. So -- please leave comments on this here blog by midnight, February 1st, 2009 or send comments to canwiggins@gmail.com. Drawings will be held on February 2nd, 2009 at midnight (yeah, the witchin’ hour, babe!). And someone will get a sweetheart of a deal tied up with a bow.

No, not one like the Prez has on here -- although that would be more than fun, wouldn't it? But there will be a couple of new paper art dollies inspired by courtly love (Valentine's), hope (that's what that man in the white bow tie says anyway), and fun fashionistas.

And speaking of art -- first. Look at this fantastic pair of Victorian tatted gloves a friend gave me last week at a little party, along with a very kind card. I was not expecting it at all, and it came as a shock as well as a delight. They could fit me, just -- but I am instead having them framed and placed in an appropriate spot in My Home. However, these little gloves gave me a great idea for the March Giveaway.

Watch out, I am already making the lists... say, the way time flies around here, I need to get all the Fall Art Shenanigans thought up by Springtime at the latest.

And then, secondly, as if by magic, Denise sent me this little book of her first ATCs because -- well, just because. The outside is tied and once you open it up -- beauty between the eyes!

Yes, another unexpected yet cheering item. I have been fortunate to have 'met' so many clever and talented creatives through this blog thing we do, this art we make and so many generous spirits and supportive blog pals. It never fails to amaze and inspire Yours Truly.

Below is a look at the first panels of the sweet inner workings of this little book she made when first getting started and then so kindly shared with and gave me.

Next week: a "blast from the past" for everyone! Another Art Shenanigans tour, including 'meeting' a couple of new artists from Athens. And hopefully very soon, Kitten will have a break in school and then, she and I can have another Art Day. I miss them -- and her -- immensely.
Get More of What You Love,


Tammy said...

Sign me up! You have such an awesome blog, glad you decided to do a giveaway...it made me find you! You're not bookmarked! Your blog is beautiful!

Candace said...

Thanks, oops. I have now included my email as well as I did last time. Hope you are doing well, Tammy, and I'll see you over at Suzi's site soon. ;)

femminismo said...

Your ATCs are cool and inside such a nice holder. Great gift you got. I'll comment to win another of your drawings. (I count my Christmas card as one of your drawings.) Hope you are well. Thanks for your comments. I get comments in person from people who love your comments on my blog. Best to you - stay warm. jeanne, your pal in Oregon

dolls123 said...

Thanks for the chance


Sarah said...

You have been busy blogging away so I am catching up! Lovely gloves, your give away sounds intriguing and that little book is so sweet!

crafty creations said...

Hi - came by your blog via our mutual friend Denise I have really enjoyed reading through it and look forward to re-visiting - maybe you could come visit mine sometime.

please put me in your draw I'd love to win one of your stunning pieces of artwork.

Lovely to "meet" you

have a great weekend