Jan 2, 2009

Get Away From that Cornbread

Uh-uh. Oh, no you don't. Get away from my cornbread...

LOL. It looks like it's smiling, doesn't it? A big goofy cartoony smile at that. Cornbread is part of the "traditional" Deep South New Year's Day fixin's, along with black-eyed peas, collard greens and a hambone (or not) for seasoning. Thanks to T for such a good hearty meal on a very chilly day. The leftovers are even better! I think this type meal is to get us accustomed to our usual vittles as opposed to the fancy schmancy holiday buffets, et cetera.

Don't forget, the Art Journal Giveaway is so easy to ask for and about. It's interactive (sort of) as well. Just leave a comment on this here blog by Midnight, Saturday, January 3, and you will be entered into the drawing. Also, leave your addy at canwiggins@gmail.com.

This latest artivity will go out within the week of the drawing.

What is it, really? Well, it is indeed really a brown paper bag art journal. From brown paper bags I have cut, dampened, dried and ironed and then set those pages out into a journal for some fun. I've whipped it up, gussied it up, stained it up, coloured it up and sewn it up... and I think you will enjoy working with it. It's a little of "my" Art Journal, sure; but it's going to be mostly somebody else's Art Journal.

Here is another photo from My most recent line drawings. This may not be in the Art Journal Giveaway ... but, then again, you never know! She already has a full body and a gorgeous background I will show in the next post. She is "resting" right now. And soon I will be, too.

Have fun this weekend, everyone. Catch you later!

Do More of What You Love,


kat said...

I am intrigued by the art journal!


femminismo said...

Ooh! You made one of the brown paper books. This sounds wonderful. Put my name in the hat, if you please. I love cornbread and this one does look happy. We served some at our late Christmas get-together and I wondered if I should put butter and knives out, but then just slathered the whole pan with butter and put honey over it and served it in squares. And yum! Black-eyed peas. Love them. Cheers - femminismo

Candace said...

Your name is in the hat as of now. LOL. It's not so fancy schmancy as it was/is fun and I think that's something everyone could use more of right now. Good luck to all of you.

Sarah said...

That cornbread looks good! I have never had that-I must look for a recipe.

Lynne said...

Had to call by and thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog. I'm not familiar with Sulamith Wulfing, but love what I've seen so far following your comment.
The brown paper journal sounds fabulous. I'm trying to get into papercrafting more as I like to 'faff' around, but I'm not very confident.
Have a great year.

Ms. Creek said...

yum, i haven't ever had a meal like that, except for the naughty cartoon smiling corn bread! but i love beans and corn bread...should eat more of it!

love the poinsetta's on the woman's dress!

happy new year, dear!

Candace said...

Hello everyone and thanks for these fun comments. I will be drawing names tonight so cross fingers... drumroll, please...

Mrs. G. said...

Happy New Year! Have I mentioned my affection for cornbread? Mm mm.

Denise said...

ooohhh that cornbread looks yummy! want to share the recipe?!?!?! Your line drawing is great! Love her!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! The cornbread looks yummmy! :-)