Jan 5, 2009

And The Winner Is --

But first....

Hello everyone! Up to 60 or so today with springlike rains all day. What the...?
Back to work after a nice long stretch. And while it is also one of the slowest times, I find Art Shenanigans is becoming more and more demanding of my time. Believe me, I would rather deal with Art than all the editing, reading, writing, editing, reading, proofing, -- etc.

Before witnesses -- T, Don and Kitten -- I reached into the stack of contestants' names and the winner of the Brown Paper Bag Art Journal is: Denise Mayson. A bit fitting as Denise completely loves (working with) paper; oh yes, she does! The Journal goes out this week to Denise -- and hopefully, the Post Awful will have it to her before the weather changes again! Congratulations, Denise.

Above is a glimpse of one of the Brown Paper Bag's guides. Heavenly Harriet. May she treat you well, Denise.
One of my goals this year is hosting giveaways on the first day of each month throughout this new, wonderfully pristine 2009. So if you didn't get hold of the brass ring this time around, come back Feb. 1st (at least!) and go for it again.

Before I pitch my tents under the night sky to get some sleep, let me remind you all to take care and

Do More of What You Love.



Denise said...

Thank you so much Candace, I am a lucky wench and so are you winning the scarf! Postman Pat better not dilly dally with this prize LOL.
Big Hugs

Candace said...

Oh no kidding. I could not believe My Good Fortune on that scarf. LOL.

femminismo said...

That angelic guide is too good. Hmmm. I see myself copying something soon in the near future. jeanne