Feb 2, 2009

Come On Down!

Who hasn't seen or doesn't remember "The Price is Right"? Some lucky person's name would get a shout out as they were commanded to "come on down". It was thrilling to a certain little girl in rural SC, believe me.

And with that as the windup, here's the pitch... T did the honours and picked the name out of a bowl as it nestled alongside 13 others. Fair and square, that's T. "I'm impartial, let me do it." What the...???

Congrats to Misty! After Ms. Mawn lets Me know she has indeed received her Heartzilla, I will post a big old photo of it. Don't get excited now. And while it might not be so very grand, as always, I exhort all of you out there to come on down and --
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femminismo said...

Congrats to Misty. And hello to our correspondent in Athens. Hope you are warm and well tonight. My throat is getting hot lemonade tonight. I fear I may have a touch of something going aroun......... No, I'm not gonna and nobody can make me. You can't play if you're sick! Your pal, Jeanne

Sepiru Chris said...

Woo hoo for Misty!

Anne said...

Congratulations, Misty! :-)

misty said...

omg... i won???? yay!!! how great is that on this cold snowy tuesday morning!!!! i am bouncing happy!
thank you!!!!!!!

and as for the price is right, i LOVED that show...my sister in law one the whole show case two years ago...so sweet to see her on there and to WIN!

Velvet Ginger said...

Congratulations Misty!
You are a sweety Candace!!

Charlie said...

Yeah! Congrats to Misty. I'm sick of the cold too. And we really have had some great weather here in S.A. Just give me 90 anytime. I like the heat. I love your portrait. Great page!

disa said...