Feb 28, 2009

Going Once, Going Twice, Going --

out of my mind!

Hello everybody.

Wow, what a week -- or two or three. Work has threatened -- and at times made good on said threat -- to bury me all but alive. But like the now-silvery end of February, golden daffodils spring up to say "how's it goin'?" to March which is all but upon us.

However, we have more serious weather threats here in the South -- of course. Isn't March the month that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? We'll see. It's supposed to SNOW this weekend? Ha, you say? Well, read 'em and weep. One of Georgia's worst snow/ice storms was in March on a Friday the 13th -- uh oh. Just like this year, eh? Well, let's cross our fingers.

A couple of faces I am working on -- still in pen and ink black and white form. Going into journals and probably on some cards. Mmm.... fuzzy, aren't they? It's time for more batteries, I bet.

This one promises "This Is Not Me, Wiggins 08". A couple of friends pointed out I did lots of self portraits, for good or for bad. Who cares? It's ART.

Just using an editor's red pencil one day...

This one is called Migraine The Braineater. Yep, that's how I feel and think I look after one of those headcrackers. Yep, those are utensils for earrings...

Don't Forget The March Hare Giveaway here at Eyecandy.
The drawing is Midnight March 1st. That's this Sunday... and then another work week. Oh yay.
I cringe at how My So-called Career slows my art and writing, not to mention my reading, down to a snail's pace.

Now, excuse me. I have to get it going on for Rendezvous (sorry, Jeanne, I promise to do better), and a doll workshop. Also Craftstravaganzaa is coming up soon... more on that later!

Take care, everyone. Life is sweet, however it is served.


femminismo said...

Oh, life is sweet, however it is served. That is sooooo nice. I admire that thought. I like your drawings very much. I wish I could do noses like that. I hope you don't have snow and ice storms! Oh, ouch. Thanks for working on Rendezvous. Hope you find time. I know how - oh yay - work can be. Talk atcha later - Jeanne

Hali said...

Oh My GOODNESS didn't it snow?!! We got 7 inches at our house at the bottom of the hill. We were smarties at the party thinking "it's not going to get bad.. let's head over to see mom..." well, heh, it took us an hour to get there and FOUR HOURS to get back. It's normally a 30 minute drive. Ha! :)

Sarah said...

So true about life is sweet. I have had a lot of work pressure recently and so has Andy and it can get you down. It's nice to escape here for a while and visit my friends. Love the new drawings and the titles. Hope the threatened snowstorm is not too bad. Hope work eases up a bit too and that your planned arty events are fun!
Sarah x
Oh I see by Hali's comment that it did snow. Hope you stayed warm.

Candace said...

Hi guys. JUST got power back up here in the Classic City 24 hours after losing it. We have almost a foot of the white stuff with a foundation of an inch of ice and wait till you see the photos... film at 11!
"The worst snow storm since '83."
Hope all of you other smarties at the party -- ha! -- are doing well.
Your Friend