Mar 2, 2009

Snow Day and We Have A Winner -- !

Hello Everyone!

We were without power from around 4PM Sunday until almost 6PM today -- 26 hours! -- so I held off on drawing the name out of the hat for the March Hare Giveaway until tonight. T did the honours as usual and here is the recipient of the giveaway. Congrats, Hali!
And I need an addy to send that along the hiphop trail this Saturday, 7 March.
No art tour tonight. We had Shenanigans of another sort going on. These simple photos and expository captions should do the trick for anyone needing self-deprecating, cornpone humour.
This bunch of photos is from Sunday, 1st March from around 11:30AM until well after 4PM which is when the tree fell on the house... yes, you read that right.
11:30AM and we think, "This is it, a little snowy mix, no big deal. Should we call off having friends come over? Some live a little bit out in the country." A couple of folks have already let us know they won't be seeing us today. Totally understandable. And then, I hear, "Hey, why don't you take some pictures just in case you want to prove we really do get snow in the South?"
Say, T, what a good idea!

Next, we lost most of this lovely flowering bush -- home to my darling little finches -- due to the sheer weight of the snow and ice. This is around 12 noon or so. The snowy mix is still going but now we're getting much more snow than rain.

If you look downwards in the next pic and see Molly's dog house, you'll also see the tree which grows up into that crookedy trunk with the old brown leaves on it... yes. That's the one that will soon fall on the house. Just a little cameo here before its dazzling star turn towards the end of our production here at 235.

This next one was taken around 12:30 or 1 and "Say, it's still snowing."

This is around 2:30. Oh yeah and it's STILL SNOWING. The flakes are simply incredible. Huge and fluffy. They looked more like snow plates instead of snow flakes. This is the back yard and the rest of our land. It looks like a Currier & Ives card, doesn't it?

Remember that lovely flowering bush I mentioned earlier? Yep.

The cars no longer have mix on them. They are under four inches or so of the real stuff now.

Thar she blows -- oh wait, wrong story! I felt a very deep shudder as I stood in the dining room, talking to T and a couple of friends who had braved the weather to visit and have a potluck lunch with us.

I played the part of the Heroine, the only one who sees what's happening, as the tree is about to crash -- well, that's what it was doing, really, although slowly like in a horror movie -- onto us, knocking our brains out. I grabbed everyone, insisting, "Move, move, the tree, the tree!"

Did they? Well... no. Like myself, they stood and just watched the festivities -- rather calmly, I might add. We're the type folks who would watch tornadoes setting down in the back yard, no doubt! (Addendum: T says, "I've done that. Twice." What a daredevil!)

From the back yard around 5:30.

Thankfully, the deck and the two trees beside the deck took the real brunt or, as I told a couple of friends today, that tree would be in the dining room now. And, so would Fat Frank!

It could have been so much worse. And it has been for others here and elsewhere, to be honest. Here's a photo of Yours Truly as I count myself more than lucky and happy to be along on this adventure as T cooks up some hot chocolate on the gas stove's one working burner.

No TV, No Telephone, No Internet, Nothing but making a pocket of heat on the couch with the animals, a shared throw, and relaxing, talking, philosophizing, and later, playing the piano in the dark... now THAT was a challenge.
Isn't it funny how I was just talking about getting overwrought about and overly tired from work and then I had a Snow Day, all courtesy of Mother Nature, eh? That's My Gal!
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Hali said...

LOL Awesome!!

Save the postage. I'll pick it up when I come to your house in a couple of weeks. :)


Denise said...

Glad you're OK! Wondered why you were soooo quiet. Lovely photos.

femminismo said...

Great photos! It does snow down South. But I hope your deck is OK and the dog house wasn't harmed in the falling! Insurance? Sorry you've lost a blooming bush. And it was just about time for its "scene." I love the story about just watching everything transpire. I'm sure I would have been on the other side of the room! Take care and I hope this is your last snow and ice for a while. - Jeanne, your Oregon pal, where it's raining!!! It's been a dry winter here.

Lynne said...

I can imagine you all standing, watching the tree as it falls. The afterwards sounds cosy, hot chocolate, a shared throw, talking, playing the piano in the dark....

Charlie said...

OMG! But the pics are beautiful! And you say you live in Georgia....
At least you got your day off and you made the best of it.
We are missing out on all the crazy weather here in SA,.... but we are in a terrible drought. It would be nice if we got a little rain or snow. never snows here.

Candace said...

Hello again, everyone. Things are back to near normal again. The tree is gone and with _no_ damage. Huzzah! My (tons of) daffodils just might make it, and I've salvaged a good part of the flowering bush... and Fat Frank says thanks for your concern and your visits!
Say, Lynne, I felt a real kinship with you for a few hours with all the snow you have in Sweden! LOL.

Take care everyone!

Shawn Borror said...

I'm sorry about your flowering sad. All that snow is crazy.