Mar 30, 2009

Down But Not Out --

Hello Everyone!

Neighbour John down the road lost one of his gorgeous dogwoods to the recent snow storm. Funny that the tree was indeed down, but as you can see from the photo, not out. Still blooming its beautiful heart out... even as the labourers came in for the coup de grace and the task of hauling it away. There's a story in there, I'm sure, if not a lesson.

Now, while I am not the cook that Sarah at Circles of Rain is, T could possibly throw down with the best of 'em. Voila! To wit, homemade baklava for a potluck this past Sunday and a -- what else? -- Georgia Peach cobbler, also homemade, for a couple of dear friends.

Those two forks in those fixings that did not make it into the dish for our friends can be traced directly to T and Very Truly Yours. Well, come on... we had to give it the Classic City Taste Test. Dee-lish!

Beautiful weather late yesterday and then today after four days of the wet stuff. The rest of this week? Rain and then some. Another sunny day. More rain. And then some rain. Yep, a typical April here in Athens, Georgia. However, in some places, it's coming on monsoon season. It couldn't be that much worse than what we've had here. Could it? Well, yes, it could and probably will be.

Whatever YOUR weather, may your trees and hearts stand.
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Anne said...

Oh my! Homemade baklava? I am gaining weight just looking at it! :-)

Ma'am said...
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Sarah said...

Oh poor tree! My friend lost a tree a while ago and she was really upset. They are such noble things.
I love baklava, it is one of my favourite puddings. The peach cobbler looks yummy too!
Sarah x

femminismo said...

Well, we know about trees coming down. There were many with buds on them on the property that I tossed over the hill. So sad. I love the dogwood going ahead and blooming anyway. Why not? Just because you're down doesn't mean you're out! That's right! Love, Jeanne